Host a shred event and give back to your community.


Shred events allow local organizations to rent a mobile shred truck and invite community members to destroy their sensitive files. These events offer benefits for the company hosting the event, the individuals who bring in old files, and for the community at large.

The organization hosting the event gets to choose how to structure it. Many shred events are completely free, others charge a set price per per box of paper to be shredded, and some ask for voluntary donations (be it cash or donated items).

The hosting organization has control over how/when/where to stage the event, how to involve volunteers and local non-profits, and how to promote the event to make it a success by their own standards.

Whether your organization is looking to gain a foothold in your community as a positive presence, fundraise for a local cause, or simply help employees and the general public keep their private information safe, your organization can fine tune the details and decide how to run your shred event to make it a success.

Decisions to Make Before Your Shred Event

Before hosting a shred event, ask a few questions to help ensure you get the most out of it.

Will you make your shred event donation based?What Will You Ask For?

Will you charge a fee per box of paper to be shredded? If your goal is to raise money, try to determine how many people you think will show up to set a reasonable price per box to meet your goal.

Who Will You Partner With?

Are you trying to partner with a non-profit to raise funding for a local cause? Pick an organization that meshes with your company’s overall goals, or a local issue that your organization supports.

When and Where Will You Hold the Event?

Location is key with shred events. Parking lots at central locations are typically where shred events are held, and Saturday mornings tend to attract the most people.

Who will attend your shred event?Who Will Be Allowed to Attend?

Will this be a closed or open event? Is it for employees or customers only, or for the general public?

Determine Your Overall Goal

Do you want to raise a certain amount of money? Do you want a certain number of attendees? Are you looking to shred a certain volume of paper? Are you looking to collect a certain type/amount of item (school supplies for children in need, canned food for the hungry, coats and clothing items for the homeless)?

Decide early on what a success will look like for your event.

How Your Shred Event Will Give Back to the Community

Depending on how you set up your event and how well you promote it, the benefits of a shred event can vary.

With proper promotion the turnout typically meets or exceeds expectations, and you can expect to accomplish these goals that help give back to your community:

Keep Your Community Safe

The main priority of any shred event should be security. Make sure you have an efficient and reliable shredding process set up so that community members can watch as their files are destroyed. Keeping members of your community safe should be a reward in itself.

Shred events help your communityHelp Community Members in Need

If you ask for donations, either money or items, you will help people in need. No matter the group you target, giving back to people in need within the local community is a worthy cause.

Raise Awareness of an Issue You Care About

A shred event offers the perfect platform to raise awareness about an issue that is important to you. Whether it’s a global issue or a local problem facing your immediate community, a shred event gives you a chance to bring to light and support an issue of your choosing.

Raise Brand Awareness

Hosting an event open to the community that aims to keep community member’s private information safe is a responsible undertaking. Your brand will become synonymous with caring about the local community. And if you co-host the event with a local non-profit, you will be seen as a helping hand.

Make a Positive Impact in Your CommunityMake a Meaningful Impact

No matter how your organize your shred day, you will be helping raise awareness on the issue of information security, and providing an accessible solution for community members who care about their personal security.

Whether you ask for donations to help out a local cause or host a free event, you will be helping your community members reduce the risk of identity theft—an invaluable achievement.

Ready to Host a Shred Event in Your Community?

Hosting a shred event is an excellent way to provide value to community members and give back to your neighborhood. Shred Nations partners with organizations across the nation to help host and promote shred events and ensure they are successful and engaging.

Call us at (800) 747-3365 or fill out the form on the right to get help hosting a shred event in your community. We look forward to helping keep your neighborhood safe and secure.