erasing and destroying a hard drive


Contrary to what most people may believe, permanently erasing files from your computer isn’t as simple as dragging to the Recycle Bin on your desktop. There is an entire industry based around recovering deleted files and lost information from hard drives. All over the internet, you can even find free software programs that can recover files that is completely automated and requires no technical expertise!

So what’s the takeaway here?

If recovering a lost file is this accessible, imagine the implications of someone who wishes to use these skills for malicious intent.


Why You Should Properly Shred Your Hard DrivesHard Drive Destruction

If your computer has ever stored sensitive files or private information, properly destroying your hard drive is the only solution to guaranteeing that nobody can access this information in the future.

Personal, home computers are often used to access everything from bank and credit card accounts to personal documents and files. Your computer may have stored statements, pictures, or even a personal diary that you want destroyed for good.

In the workplace, it is even more important to make sure your hard drives are shredded and destroyed before disposal. Employee and client information must be protected and can implicate serious fines and violations if they are leaked. Furthermore, confidential business information can be detrimental if they end up in competitor’s possession.

Our smart phones, tablets, and even televisions all have an internet connection and are used to make transactions, pay bills, check emails, and communicate messages.

If you are weary of any these devices storing personal files that you want to keep protected, make sure to properly destroy these as well. It’s always better to be safe than sorry with your private information.


Methods of Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Shredded

In order to keep your files from ending up in identity thief or competitor hands, you can shred and destroy your hard drives, laptops, USB drives, and other electronic media storage devices.

These are the main methods of media destruction:


You can use software or hardware to completely wipe and reformat a hard drive. You can buy small consoles that allow you to plug in your hard drive and have everything quickly erased, or you can get software that completely erases (this can be a little slow) all the information once stored on the drive.

Both of these methods allow you to reuse or resell your old drives, but are slightly risky as you depend on the software without 100% insurance.


Computer hacker

Degaussing is performed by a machine that creates and electromagnetic field and scrambles data stored on devices. Any information left on the drive is completely indecipherable and useless to any hacker.


Shredding or physically destroying your hard drives is a surefire way to protect your information. Media can be sent through an industrial shredder, devices can be hole punched by a large machine, hard drive platters can be shattered into thousands of pieces… the processes for physical destruction are endless.

Shred Nations finds hard drive shredding services from across the nation to thoroughly, securely, and affordably shred your hardware. Industrial grade shredders literally rip apart your hard drives and other devices, rendering them completely useless. Once destroyed, your hard drives materials are recycled for an environmentally-friendly finish.


Shredding Your Electronics is a Small Price to Pay

For the price you pay, hard drive shredding is certainly a bargain. You guarantee the safety of your information and files which can save thousands in the prevention of identity thefts, loss of valuable business information, and penalties from data breaches on client and employee records.

If your computer didn’t house too many files and was primarily used for web browsing and other remedial tasks, there’s probably not much to worry about here. Items such as tablets and light processing laptops can simply be recycled in these cases, but there is still no harm in shredding anyways for your peace of mind.


Shred Nations Can Shred Your Hard Drives

Hard drives to be shredded

Whether you have electronic media devices in your home or office that need to be disposed of, let Shred Nations securely destroy them for you.

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