The Difference Between Hard Drive Destruction and Degaussing

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Today, there is the risk of data breach and theft. Additionally, hard drives should be properly destroyed to avoid data exposure. It’s important hard drives and other electronics go through destruction procedures to eliminate the risk of exposure entirely. Hard drive destruction is a sure way to completely destroy personal and professional data.

Without proper deletion, there is the risk of recovery. There are many hackers and thieves which would take advantage of easy targets. For the safety of your information, it’s critical to take proper measures to protect the data. This is why hard drive disposal services are the ideal match for security measures.

The process of shredding and degaussing achieve the same goal of destroying information. However, they do it in different ways. Depending on your needs, one method may be better for you over the other.

The Difference Between Hard Drive Destruction and DegaussingThe Importance of Hard Drive Disposal

All information and historical data from your computer is accessible through your hard drive. This means emails, pictures, and accounts that you have signed into over the years. Additionally, this doesn’t mean someone will take your information. However, there is still a possibility of this happening without proper destruction.

Hard drive information is still accessible unless you follow proper disposal procedures. Additionally, there are two method which are effective for deleting information and maintaining safety. Those include destruction and degaussing. While the end result might be the same, their processes are very different.

What is Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drive destruction is the process of shredding the drives which completely destroy the information. When it comes to shredding, all of the information saved onto your hard drive is physically destroyed. Your old hard drive are torn apart completely, piece by piece, and this ensures nothing is still accessible.

Shredding ensures complete data destruction. Additionally, it offers the most security out of any method. Typically, hard drive destruction costs between $4-$12 per drive. In addition, as quantity increases, the price per drive goes down.

What is Hard Drive Degaussing

The Difference Between Hard Drive Destruction and Degaussing

Hard drive degaussing erases all of your information using a magnetic field. However, it leaves small amounts of data behind.

When a hard drive platter spins under a read/write head, it generates small pulses of electricity that magnetize the platter surface as they pass through. By exposing the drive to another strong magnetic field, the drive’s magnetic properties are removed along with the data previously stored on the drive.

While it does wipe data, there is still a chance there is information left behind. Additionally, this method does not reduce in price as quantity goes up. This makes bulk degaussing more costly than shredding.

Another factor is the overall process is more extensive. Degaussing is more intricate method and utilizes a more expensive process. This increases the cost and time of completion.

Which Disposal Method is Best

While both shredding and degaussing destroys the drives, they perform the function differently. The major variants are cost, time, and security. It’s important to consider the different factors before choosing. This will help you decide which option is best for you.

However, document destruction is all in all a better system for destroying old drives. This is because it is superior in security as well as its the cheapest option, especially for bulk shredding. While there are benefits to degaussing, destruction is overall the best option for many people and businesses.

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After recovering the information, it’s still important to destroy the hard drive. Hard drive destruction services helps reduce the risk of further exposure. Whether you choose hard drive degaussing or destruction, you are taking precautions to help secure your information.

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