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With the rapid advancement of technology over the past decades, consumers and businesses have created a magnitude of electronic waste. Many new phones, computers, tablets, TV’s and other IT equipment are purchased within months of each other in a continual cycle that creates an ever-expanding collection.

Technology has given the common man a wealth of information at their fingertips, but with it comes the problem of securely and safely disposing of old, outdated electronics.

Despite that though, in virtually every city, there are electronics disposal and recycling services that can handle the proper disposal of your old and unwanted devices. They offer disposal that can handle just about any electronic device, with services including:

Electronic Recycling

Electronics Disposal and Recycling Options

Hard Drive Destruction

Your hard drive will be physically destroyed to be certain the data can not be recovered.

Computer Disposal

Computers will be dismantled, recycling the parts that can be reused and your hard drive will be destroyed.

TV Disposal

You can either have your old TV’s picked up, or you can drop them off at a recycling facility. The harmful materials will be removed and recycled.

Cell Phone Disposal

You can drop your cell phone off at a location that offers cell phone disposal. Or you can take your cell phone to an outlet that will pay you a small fee for the phone that they will resell. There are also recyclers who will provide a box for you to ship your old phone to them.

IT Asset Disposition

You can either destroy and recycle your IT assets, or you can donate them. However, the donation of your equipment doesn’t ensure that your data is safe. If you recycle your IT assets, they are broken down into the parts that can be reused or melted, then the parts that contain data are destroyed.

Shred Nations Electronics Recycling

Recycle Your Electronics and Help the Environment


Many consumers and businesses may not know that throwing electronic waste into your regular trash is actually against the law in many places. Doing so can be extremely harmful to the environment and surrounding ecosystems. A responsible disposal service will recycle materials as part of their process. They will also give you a certificate of destruction for your records.

Shred Nations Electronic Destruction

Electronics Recycling, Disposal, or Both?


Electronics recycling, electronics disposal, and electronics destruction are all terms used interchangeably because they’re used together as part of the same process.

All these services will destroy your devices and recycle the remains afterward. These companies exist not just to keep your information protected, but to make sure no harm is done to the environment.

Electronic Waste

Don’t Let Your Information Be Stolen


New technology offers countless benefits to the consumer, but also opportunities for identity thieves and cybercriminals to steal your personal information.

Old hard drives and phones can be reformatted to retrieve information that you thought you had erased, which can lead to financial damages that can take years to rectify.

Only with complete destruction of your electronic media devices can you be sure that your devices are rendered useless to criminals.

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Shred Nations is partnered with a nationwide network of electronics recycling services. We find high-quality electronics recycling companies to thoroughly destroy your devices before they are properly recycled.

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