Residential Shredding Services: A Guide

Shredding documents that contain personal or private information will help you avoid being a victim of identity theft. Once you throw items into the trash and place your trash cans on the curbside, those materials are public property and anyone can sift through them and take what they please.

Shredding is an efficient and secure way to destroy documents containing personal information, but using a small office or personal shredder can get frustrating and messy.

Document Shredding Services

To make the shredding process easier, businesses often benefit from hiring a shredding service provider to complete the shredding for them. But shredding services aren’t only for businesses, homes can benefit from shredding services too.

Here’s a guide to how residential shredding services work:

Residential Shredding Services


Shredding files at home will help prevent you and your family from becoming victims of identity theft. Instead of taking the time and hassle of performing the shredding yourself, hire a professional to quickly shred your personal information for you.

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