Three key components to hosting a successful shredding eventBefore you can organize a shredding event of your own, it’s important that you get organized yourself.

This is your opportunity to ask yourself important questions about the type of event you envision yourself hosting—questions such as who will help to run the event, where it will be located, and who will do the shredding.

Are you hoping to host a smaller event geared more toward providing a public service to your community? Or are you instead aiming to sponsor a massive and media-spotlighted event intended to serve as a marketing opportunity for both your business and the shredding companies you partner with?  

In this article, we help to give an outline of the necessary steps you must take toward organizing a community shredding event, breaking down key components to hosting the event which include aspects like recruiting volunteers, finding a shredding service, and selecting the ideal location for your event.  

Gathering Your Team

hosting shredding events gathering team recruiting volunteersBefore you can truly begin to set up and prepare for a community shredding event, you first need to take the time to recruit volunteers throughout the area to help you run your event.

Depending on the type of event you are trying to organize—whether a large and annual shredding event hosted by the city as a whole, or a small event hosted by a local baseball team or church—the number of volunteers you’ll need to gather will probably vary.

Either way, reach out for recruits anywhere you can. After all, community shredding events are hosted with the community in mind, so the more participants who can attend, the better!

It’s recommended you try to make use of all available resources—ranging from traditional cold-calling and door-to-door visits all the way to posting flyers in community areas like libraries, recreation centers, and local churches. Additionally, with newfound convenience in digital mediums, event sponsors can also take the opportunity to broadcast their event using email flyers and social media posting.  

If you are a private company hosting an event, also consider the possibility of enlisting several of your employees to lend a helping hand during the shredding event. Even if you may not be able to offer them their normal pay, many event sponsors will instead provide their employees free access to the shredding event services.

Many shred event hosts will add an extra layer of organization by also establishing various roles for the volunteers they recruit to help out. These usually involve simple tasks like promotion, setup, greeting and directing guests as they move through the event, and cleaning up once the event ends.  

Scheduling Your Shredding Service

schedule mobile shredding service host community shred eventAfter establishing a core group of volunteers to help you run things on the day of your event, the next critical component to put in place is a shredding service who will actually perform the shredding when the time comes.

As with gathering your volunteers, use all available resources when searching for shredding providers in your community.

Past customers, your own personal contacts, online reviews, and even your local Better Business Bureau can often help to provide an overall sense of the quality of the shredding company.

When shopping around for shredding services in your area, ensure that the companies you’re considering all can offer mobile shredding services, rather than just a service where they collect your documents to be shredded at an offsite facility.

Mobile shredding trucks come equipped with industrial shredders built-in, which means the service will never have to leave your event, and each participant will be able to physically witness their documents as they’re shredded.

At Shred Nations, our network of the top shredding providers are able to offer their mobile services to local communities and shredding events nationwide. Not only are all our mobile and other available shredding services fully compliant with all state and federal legislation, we also provide our customers with official certificates of destruction upon service completion—guaranteeing secure chain of custody throughout the destruction process.

Before discussing payment with your provider of choice, be sure to ask the mobile shredding company if they might be interested in donating their services.

Many companies see benefit in donation, as community shredding events are often considered to be public service. If not, many companies may still offer discounted prices at either hourly or fixed rates.

Hosting Your Shredding Event: Where and When

finding location to host community shredding eventNow that you have a shredding company and team of helpful volunteers to help manage and facilitate your event, all that remains to be done is simply finding the ideal location to host your shredding event.  

Not only will there be a fairly steady stream of people moving through your shredding event—in some cases numbering in the thousands for larger events—you’ll also need to account for the space needed by mobile shredding trucks and any media sponsors who attend the event.

The last thing you need is a bottleneck clogging the flow of participants, so it’s imperative you emphasize space when searching for the right place to hold an event.

Traditionally, shredding events have seen great success in large and easily-accessible areas within local communities, with locations including recreation centers, banks, schools, libraries, and other municipal buildings around the area. Private businesses tending to have large parking lots—such as grocery stores, hotels, and movie theaters—can also be viable options.

During the planning process, shred event sponsors should be aware of the potential need for permits, insurance, or other licensure to host at a given location. Fortunately most shredding companies will be able to help you with paperwork of this nature, but just to be safe, call ahead of time to ensure everything is properly prepared and in place.    

With a prime location scoped out, the ideal service to handle the shredding, and a solid team of volunteers to help run things, you are finally ready to sponsor your shredding event. After that, all you have to do is put your plan into action!

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A shredding event provides opportunity for benefit to all members of a community. From the event hosts to the shredding companies and for the participants especially, shredding events help to make a local area a safer and more informed place to live.

At Shred Nations, our nationwide network of secure shredding providers are able to offer their mobile shredding services for an event of nearly any shape or size. With full FACTA and HIPAA compliance, as well as the additional security of our formal certificates of destruction, you can rest assured knowing your shredding event is in our hands.

To get started scheduling a shredding provider for an upcoming shred event, just give us a call today at (800) 747-3365, or simply fill out the form to your right to request free quotes on mobile shredding services in your area today!

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