Shredding Onsite in Worcester, MA

Identity theft is happening more often than ever and you need to ensure that your company is protected. All those documents that have been piling up in your office(s) for years are any identity thief’s gold mine. Worcester, MA Mobile Shredding Services

This is exactly why it is crucial to destroy any document with any sort of personal or confidential data as soon as it is no longer needed. Shred Nations Worcester offers convenient and affordable local mobile shredding services to take care of all those documents without putting your company at risk of identity theft.

Don’t let your company be the next victim of an identity thief and call (508) 242-3684 or fill out the form to receive your FREE no-obligation quote within minutes and get your company complete identity protection.

Steps to Mobile Document Shredding

  1. Call our representatives at (508) 242-3684, get your FREE quote and get connected to a Worcester local contractor that best fits your shredding needs.
  2. After connecting with your service company, schedule an appointment to have them drop off secure bins so you can fill them with all your documents at your convenience.
  3. At a scheduled time, the mobile shred truck will arrive at your location and under your complete supervision will destroy all the bins containing your documents. At no point will we come into direct physical or visual contact with your files.
  4.  After all your documents are shredded you will receive a certificate of destruction describing the details of your shredding service.

Mobile Shredding ProcessAre Mobile Shredding Services Secure?

Mobile shredding services are exceptionally secure, especially since you are there onsite alongside the truck witnessing that none of your documents are being tampered with. Along with you as a witness, all Shred Nations partners provide you with a certificate of destruction guaranteeing your shredding was completed in compliance to all Massachusetts State laws, as well as FACTA and HIPAA.

Estimated Cost of Mobile Shredding in Worcester

Mobile document shredding services tend to cost around $100, but that price can vary based on where you live. If you have a small amount of paperwork to shred, you may want to consider drop-off shredding services, which cost around $1 per pound.

Always factor in any additional costs of special requests and calculate how far you are from the shredding provider to get the most accurate price estimate.

Get Free Quotes on Mobile Shredding throughout Worcester, MA

To get your FREE no-obligation customized quote call (508) 242-3684 or fill out the form  and receive it within minutes.

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