Data Destruction Services in Whittier

Shred Nations Whittier, CAElectronic data is stored in everything; CDs, debit and credit cards, jump and thumb drives, computers, scanners, etc. Even after you think you’ve wiped your electronic hardware, there are programs where identity thieves can still easily access all your private information.

Shred Nations offers destruction services that will guarantee the reconstruction of any device impossible. We will even melt and then recycle all your materials together ensuring that no matter how talented an identity thief may be, they won’t be able to reconstruct anything.

How Does Electronic Media Destruction Work?

  1. By filling out the form to the right or calling (562) 566-1087 you will connect with electronic media destruction contractors in the Whittier area.
  2. Choose a contractor that best complies with your shredding needs and schedule an appointment to either to have your hardware picked-up, a drop-off time or even discuss shipping options.
  3. Your hardware will be destroyed at a secure facility and everything will be recycled.
  4. The contractor will present you with a certificate of destruction that will explain all the details that went into your project.

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Alameda, CAIs Media Destruction in Whittier Secure?

With the quickly growing threat of identity theft, we don’t want to see your company’s confidential information tempered with, we understand the importance of reputation. That’s why Shred Nations Whittier partners up with companies that comply with all Department of Defense and National Security Agency laws for electronic media destruction.

Data Destruction Costs in Whittier

Data destruction is inexpensive when you consider the cost your company could pay if it becomes the victim of identity theft. When brainstorming the budget for your project you must consider the volume of the devices you are looking to dispose of and the types of hardware. You will save money with a larger volume of devices.

Hard Drive Destruction

It is important to remain aware of the potential threats of improper destruction.  If hard drives are not destroyed properly, then the information can be recovered. This opens opportunities for thieves and hackers to access the information of malicious purposes.  Hard drive destruction services offer safety and assurance that confidential information is kept safe and secure.

Additionally, it is crucial to remain compliant within industry regulations including HIPAA and FACTA.  Trusted providers offer services that will keep your information secure by properly shredding hard drives.

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Shred Nations Whittier is your resource to finding reliable data destruction companies in Whittier, CA. For a custom quote call (562) 566-1087 or fill out the form to the right, and discuss your total cost options with a Shred Nations Whittier representative.

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