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Shred Nations can help keep your information protected through residential shredding services through our nationwide network of local providers. From one-time, bulk purges to regularly scheduled intervals, our shredding partners can either come to your location or you can drop your papers off to securely shred them.


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Choosing the Right Paper Shredding Service

Shred Nations offers several shredding services, each designed to handle specific shredding projects.

Mobile Shredding

A mobile shredding truck comes to your home and shreds all your documents while you watch.

Secure Pickup Shredding

Our pickup service is designed to handle large volume shredding projects to transport and shred them at an offsite facility. This is the most economical and convenient option for larger shredding amounts.

Ship ‘n’ Shred

For smaller shredding amounts, our Ship ‘n’ Shred service picks up your papers from your home and are delivered by FedEx to a secure plant for shredding.

Drop Off Shredding

If you have under 3 boxes to shred, you can take them to a drop off shredding location near you. Use our shredding partner directory and drop your papers off to be shredded by local professionals.

Rent a Paper Shredder

Want to borrow a paper shredder to shred all your documents yourself? We’ll send out a high-quality shredder to your home so you can destroy your papers in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace.

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