residential shreddingIdentity theft is a threat to the financial security of your family. Shredding all your financial statements and mail is a precaution that every security expert recommends. Paper is still the most common method that thieves use to get your information.

For less than the price of buying a home paper shredder you can have a residential shredding services for your home. You get your time back, save money on shredder replacements, and we recycle all the paper.

Here are three home shredding services from a few boxes to a garage full.

  • Mobile Shredding Service: Shredding is done at your home while you watch.
  • Ship ‘n’ Shred Service: Paper is picked up at your home and taken to a secure plant for shredding. Great for small volumes.
  • Drop Off Shredding: You take in paper to be dropped off at convenient collection points. Shredding trucks come by on shred when the bin is full.

If you need help choosing the best solution for your situation we’re glad to help. Just fill out our contact form or give us a call at (800) 747-3365. Our goal is to get you the right solution based on your security needs, volume, and budget.