Santa Fe Hard Drive Destruction Services

Santa Fe Hard Drive Destruction

Before throwing your old electronics in the trash, think again. Not only is it illegal in most places, but it puts you at risk. Devices that are not properly destroyed, contain data that can be easily recovered. 

Hard drive destruction uses exhaustive methods to ensure that your data is irretrievable. We break down each device, shred the drive, and recycle the fragments. The platter inside your hard drive will be cut into tiny pieces destroying any remnants of your data.

Our disposal service is completed in accordance with the EPA. We work hard to make sure that our hard drive destruction services protect your business and the environment.

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Santa Fe

Hard drive destruction is completed in 4 easy steps:

  1. Request free price quotes on local hard drive destruction services by calling (505) 629-1506 or filling out the form. Our knowledgeable staff will answer any of your questions and find local providers for your project.
  2. Review your price options and select the provider that best aligns with your business.
  3. Select an option to turn in your devices. You can choose from drop off, pick up, or mail-in options. Once received, we will destroy and shred your devices.
  4. After completion, you will receive a certificate of destruction stating when and where your devices were destroyed.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction in Santa Fe

Shred Nations Santa Fe takes many precautions when handling your devices. We monitor and document the chain of custody throughout the process of handling and destruction. We also follow guidelines set by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency for data protection.

Our services are HIPAA and FACTA certified and follow all applicable privacy laws. We guarantee compliant services that are secure, reliable, and convenient.

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Santa Fe

The cost of hard drive destruction varies based on how much media you need to destroy and the types of media you have. The price is charged per drive and generally ranges from $7 to $20. Some types of media cost more because they are more difficult to destroy. The larger your project, the lower your price per drive will be. 

We will connect you with multiple destruction providers to ensure you find the best price available. When shredding providers compete for your business, you win.

Get Free, No Hassle Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction Services in Santa Fe

Hard drive destruction services are affordable, easy, and focused on your security. Get started by calling us at (505) 629-1506 or filling out the form. Make sure to include the types of media you will be destroying and the number of devices you have. Based on your specific needs, we will send you personalized quotes from multiple companies. Once you have selected a company, you can begin your hard drive destruction project.

Shred Nations Santa Fe Location

Shred Nations Santa Fe
3005 S Saint Francis Dr Ste 1-d
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 629-1506

Our operating hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


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