Onsite Document Shredding Services in San Marcos, CA

Shred Nations San Marcos, CAShredding your information is necessary to protect it from getting into the wrong hands and being used against you.

There are also federal and California state laws prohibiting the irresponsible disposal of documents containing sensitive information.

Gathering all your old files, organizing them into boxes, and driving them to a shredding facility can not only be a hassle but also be taking up your valuable time. Mobile shredding offers the perfect solution to this nuisance of a job – and responsibility.

Shred Nations San Marcos can send a truck equipped with an industrial shredder right to your curbside, anywhere in San Diego County. Mobile shredding offers an efficient, convenient way to shred the important documents you have lying around.

How Mobile Shredding Works at Shred Nations San Marcos

Listed below are the steps are taken when using a mobile document shredding service:

  1. To get your project started, call us today at (760) 780-1562 or fill out the form. Within minutes one of our knowledgeable associates will be in touch with you to gather all of your information and answer any questions you may have. Soon after we will find you quotes from local contractors in your area.
  2. After you have gone over the quotes, choose which shredding provider best fits your budget and shredding needs. They will deliver secure shredding bins to your location to store your documents before they are shredded. This helps ensure we never have to come in contact with your confidential files, as they go directly from the locked bins to the shredding machine.
  3. Schedule a time for the company of your choice to come to your location and shred your documents while you watch.
  4. After your documents have been securely destroyed you will be provided with a certificate of destruction, outlining when and where your documents were properly destroyed.

Mobile Shredding Process in San Marcos, CA

How Secure is Mobile Shredding in San Marcos?

To ensure your documents private information is protected it is always important to ask your shredding provider if they are NAID AAA certified. NAID has strict requirements that must be followed to make sure the company is compliant with their high standards, on top of being trustworthy and safe.

Using a mobile shredding service is a great option for your security needs.

By witnessing your documents getting shredded right in front of your eyes, you never have to question whether your important documents ever fell into the wrong hands. This also helps you eliminate the chance of them getting misplaced (or stolen) during transport.

How Much Does Mobile Document Destruction Cost in San Marcos?

Mobile shredding can be your best option if you want to save the time and money you would have to waste loading up a car and transporting your documents to a drop off location.

Shred Nations San Marcos charges around $100 for a mobile shredding truck to come to your home or office anywhere in San Diego County.

If you wanted to drive to one of our locations and drop them off, drop-off locations usually charge about $1.00 per pound.

This can quickly add up depending on how many boxes of documents you have to shred. If you have three boxes or more, a mobile shredding service saves you the hassle of transporting your documents offsite for just a little bit more.

It is also important to keep in mind there may be some additional charges depending on where you’re located and if you have any special requests.

Get Free Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in San Marcos

Get free quotes on mobile shredding services in San Marcos today!  Call us at (760) 780-1562, or fill out the form. We offer offsite shredding service options throughout Itasca and San Diego County. Documents can be shredded whenever you need it, including:

When businesses compete for your project, you win. Once you request a quote we will be in contact with you within minutes with several pricing options from shredding companies across San Marcos.

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