Salinas Hard Drive Destruction Services

It is very important to protect your sensitive information. Whether you are maintaining a favorable reputation by complying with privacy laws or protecting personal information from identity theft, information security should be a top priority. 

The same way shredding works for paper documents, hard drive destruction works for electronic data. Information cannot be retrieved from pieces or fragments.  

Deleting or wiping a hard drive does not thoroughly clear your devices of information. Files will still remain on your hard drive and can be recovered easily. The only way to guarantee the safe disposal of electronics is with hard drive destruction. 

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Salinas

Follow these easy steps to complete your hard drive destruction project:

  1. Contact us by calling (831) 233-6393 or filling out the form. Based on your hard drive destruction needs, we will connect you with a local contractor that fits you.  
  2. Choose a contractor and decide between pick up, drop off, or mail in options.
  3. Your devices will be destroyed using trusted methods and specialized techniques. 
  4. You will receive a certificate of destruction once completed. 

Secure Hard Drive Destruction in Salinas

Hard drives are capable of holding an obscure amount of sensitive information. If your hard drive is compromised it can lead to disaster for your customers and your business. There are several options available for destroying data, but hard drive destruction provides the most security and affordability. 

Our partners are compliant with all laws regarding data disposal. They follow strict guidelines recommended by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. Our partners are also compliant with the EPA and recycle the raw materials after destruction. 

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Salinas

Hard drive destruction can cost anywhere from $7-$20 per hard drive, but prices can vary. When your project grows, the price per drive decreases. Specialized devices may also require specific equipment and can change the overall cost. 

For an accurate estimate on your particular project, call us at (831) 233-6393 or fill out the form. 

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Shred Nations supports local business by connecting you to Salinas-based companies. Connect with a hard drive destruction provider that will help your business thrive and keep Salinas businesses strong. Call us at (831) 233-6393 or fill out the form for more information. 

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