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Offsite Shredding and Document Pickup Services in Richmond

Shred Nations Richmond’s offsite document shredding is an easy way to shred a large number of documents. Offsite shredding is similar to mobile shredding- we pick up your documents and shred them offsite instead of shredding them onsite while you watch. If you have 15 boxes or more, offsite shredding is designed for your project.

Large industrial shredders shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper per hour to ensure your project is completed quickly. Shred Nations Richmond offers you several different pricing options from multiple companies to ensure you get the best price for your offsite shredding project, no matter what frequency you require: one-time purges or weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly ongoing service.

To get started, give us a call at (804) 417-4781 or fill out the form.

Steps we Take in the Offsite Shredding Process

We have four steps that our Offsite Shredding Companies in Richmond take to shred your documents appropriately.

  1. Request a quote by contacting us at (804) 417-4781, or you can fill out the short form. We’ll gather multiple quotes from offsite shredding companies in Richmond.
  2. You select the Richmond-based offsite shredding company and they’ll send secure shredding bins to your home or office.
  3. Fill up the locked bins, and when you’re ready to have them shredded, a driver with a secure truck will come to your office and pick up the bins. Then, we take them to a secure location to be shredded.  The drivers never come in contact with your files.
  4. Once your documents are secured at the shredding facility, we shred them and send you a certificate of destruction explaining when and where the documents were shredded.

Offsite Document ShreddingIs Offsite Shredding in Richmond Secure?

Shred Nations Richmond understands that protecting your information is tremendously important- but to ensure your offsite shredding provider is 100% secure, be sure to ask if they’re NAID AAA Certified. NAID sets high standards to make sure shredding contractors deliver high quality, secure results.

The Costs of Richmond Offsite Shredding Services

The more boxes you have, the more affordable offsite shredding becomes. Compared to drop-off shredding or mobile shredding, offsite shredding can save you.  High volume projects are cheaper when you send your documents offsite than when you use a mobile shredding company. Drop off locations usually charge about $1/pound- so a high-volume job can cost an arm and a leg, and you still have to take the boxes of paper to be shredded. If you use offsite shredding, you’ll get a bill for around $85 for an average-sized shredding project.  A mobile shredding truck costs about $100 or more in Richmond for onsite shredding services. There are other factors that can increase the price of your project, from how close you are to the shredding provider to any additional services and special requests you might have.

Get Free Quotes on Secure Offsite Shredding in Richmond Today!

If you need to have lots of boxes of documents shredded for a great price in Richmond, Shred Nations offers offsite shredding services to help you out.  We will have multiple quotes from local providers to you in minutes! To get started, give us a call at (804) 417-4781 or fill out the form, once we receive your request, we’ll provide free quotes from secure shredding contractors in Richmond and help you complete your shredding project as quickly as possible.

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