New Braunfels Hard Drive Destruction Services New Braunfels Hard Drive Destruction Services 

When you stop using a computer, it’s hard drive should be destroyed to eliminate potential data breaches. The only way to be sure that the data on a hard drive is destroyed is to shred the hard drive because the many tiny, broken pieces can’t be salvaged. 

Similar to our document disposal choices, Shred Nations offers two options for hard drive disposal. We can bring a shred truck to your location, and you can watch your hard drive destruction. If you prefer, you can choose offsite hard drive shredding. Our service technicians can come to pick up the hard drive, then it will be taken to an offsite hard drive shredding facility to be destroyed. With either of these methods, you will receive a certificate of destruction. 

Data is stored on platters, which are metal disks found inside hard drives. These platters must be totally destroyed to remove the chance of anyone being able to recreate that data. While other methods are sometimes used by other companies, they don’t guarantee that the data can’t be recovered. 

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in New Braunfels, TX 

You’re only moments away from requesting high-quality secure hard drive shredding in New Braunfels, TX. Start the process by completing some easy steps: 

  1. Call our offices at (830) 267-8856 or complete our quote form. Shred Nations network partners will provide you with quotes. 
  2. Evaluate the quotes you receive, choose a provider, and contact the provider for service. 3. Select a method of transport for your hard drives: direct shipment, onsite, or drop-off. 
  3. Our provider destroys your hard drives and recycles the remaining components. 
  4. Once your project is complete, you will get a certificate of destruction from the contractor.

Associated Costs of Hard Drive Destruction in New Braunfels 

There are several things that factor into how much hard drive destruction costs. One of the most important things is how much media you need to have destroyed. The greater the volume you have, the more it will cost, but the amount charged per price decreases significantly. On average, however, it will cost $7-$20 per drive.

You also need to consider the type of media you’re destroying. Some things need to use special equipment or need additional steps to ensure your data will never be recovered. Shred Nations New Braunfels will send you accurate quotes for your specific electronic media destruction needs. 

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Hard Drive and Media Destruction in New Braunfels 

We offer secure hard drive destruction throughout New Braunfels and surrounding areas. If you need to have hard drive destruction or any electronic media destroyed in New Braunfels, give us a call at (830) 267-8856, or fill out the form. 

We’ll get a hold of you in minutes with free quotes from the most secure and reliable data destruction specialists in New Braunfels that can get your project scheduled and completed quickly. 

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