Napa Off Site Shredding Services

Do you really need all of that paper filling your filing cabinets and piling up in your office? Getting rid of unnecessary documents will open up valuable space and reduce the chance of sensitive information being lost or stolen. 

Off site shredding is a high-volume shredding service that makes it easy to safely dispose of your documents. We will provide you with secure shred bins to fill with your documents. They come in a variety of sizes and types to match the needs of your shredding project. When your bins are full, schedule a time for pick up. We will haul away your bins and deliver them to a local shredding facility.

At the shredding facility, your documents will be destroyed quickly and effectively. Your shreds will be recycled and your information will be safe. Contact us by calling (628) 246-1125 or filling out the form to learn more about off site shredding in Napa and the surrounding areas.

Steps for Off Site Shredding in Napa

It’s easy to begin off site shredding services:

  1. Call us at (628) 246-1125 or fill out the form to request free quotes from local providers. We will connect you with off site shredding professionals within minutes. 
  2. Review your options and select a provider that meets your shredding and budgetary needs. They will supply you with secure shred bins to store your documents. 
  3. Schedule a time for us to pick up your documents. 
  4. Your documents will be securely transported to an off site shredding facility for destruction. You will receive a certificate of destruction detailing the process for your records.

Secure Off Site Shredding in Napa

Shred Nations Napa is familiar with the challenges of businesses today. You must remain in compliance with regulations and protect your business from leaks of information. We will help you with our secure shredding services. All of our providers comply with federal and California privacy laws, as well as HIPAA and FACTA regulations.

All shredding services will include a certificate of destruction. It will include important details from the shredding process including the chain of custody, a time stamp, and a unique serial number. Save the certificate for your records, it can be used in the event of audit or legal proceedings.

The Cost of Off Site Shredding in Napa

Off site shredding is ideal for shredding projects of 300 pounds of paper or more. At this size, you will save on the price per pound when compared to using a drop off location. Drop off locations typically charge around $1 per pound and have size limitations. 

Off site shredding is available as a scheduled service. We have many frequency options ranging from weekly to annual. Call us at (628) 246-1125 or fill out the form to learn more.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Off Site Shredding Services in Napa

Businesses with a high paper waste production rate can benefit from off site shredding services. Call us at (628) 246-1125 or fill out the form to receive free, no obligation price quotes on services near you. Within minutes, our partnering companies will contact you to begin services.

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