Reasons to Choose Offsite Shredding in Jacksonville, FL

Reliable Offsite Shredding Services in the Jacksonville Metro Area

Shred Nations Jacksonville offers secure offsite shredding services. We’ll come to your location, pick up your documents, and transport them to a secure facility for shredding. Offsite shredding is a cost-effective and fully compliant shredding solution.

If you have a high-volume shredding project or need shredding services on a regular basis, then offsite shredding is for you. Your offsite shredding service provider will still send a truck to you to pick up your files so that you don’t have to worry about bringing them to a shredding facility on your own.

At the facility, no one comes in direct, visual or physical, contact with your documents. Let us help you get your shredding project started. We will find you the best price—just give us a call at (904) 770-4588 or fill out the form.

How Does the Offsite Shredding Process Work?

Here’s a look at how the offsite shredding process works in Jacksonville from start to finish:

  1. To get your project started, first call us at (904) 770-4588 or fill out the form for free quotes on nearby shredding services in Northeast Florida. We will quickly get you quotes for your specific project.
  2. After you’ve selected and scheduled the best service option for your needs, your documents will be picked up by trained security personnel and safely transported to a secure shredding plant. The materials are promptly taken to a Florida recycling facility where they are compacted, pulped, and recycled into new paper.
  3. At the plant, your materials are shredded and co-mingled, making it impossible to recreate your original files.
  4. You are sent a Certificate of Destruction detailing the time, place, amount of shredded files, and a list of witness signatures.

Offsite Shredding in Jacksonville and Your Security

Offsite Document Shredding

Shred Nations understands the importance of protecting your personal and private business information, which why we only work with NAID AAA Certified providers. You should always make sure to double check and confirm that your shredding company is NAID AAA Certified.

NAID sets high standards, and any shredding company with their certification will deliver high quality, secure results. Professional shredding services are also the best way to ensure your company remains compliant with privacy laws. We make sure to follow local and federal regulations thoroughly, like HIPAA and FACTA.

Costs of Offsite Shredding Services

High volume shredding projects are much cheaper when you hire an offsite shredding service. Offsite prices average at about $85, while mobile services in Jacksonville tend to cost around $100 per 300-pound project. Drop-off shredding is also rather expensive for high volume projects, with prices averaging at about $1 per pound.

Furthermore, the hassle of getting your documents to a shredding facility is now your responsibility. Consider how far you are from the shredding company you choose and think about any special requests you may have. These factors can influence the price of your shredding project.

Get Free Quotes on Secure Offsite Shredding in Duval County Today!

Do you need a way to destroy a large amount of paper in the Jacksonville metro area? Shred Nations Jacksonville can connect you with secure offsite shredding services for residences and businesses. Within minutes, you’ll get quotes from a provider near you.

To get started, give us a call at (904) 770-4588 or fill out the form—once we receive your request, shredding contractors will be in touch to complete your shredding project as quickly as possible.

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