Onsite Shredding Services in Huntington Beach, CA

Shred Nations Huntington BeachShredding your old files is necessary to keep your private information safe. Doing the job yourself may seem easy enough at first, but as your stacks of paperwork grow, you’ll find the DIY method is time-consuming and frustrating.

Mobile shredding is an affordable shredding option designed for jobs of more than three boxes of paperwork. This service is the ultimate choice if you value convenience and security above all else.

Shred Nations can send a mobile shredding truck to any location in Huntington Beach and shred your papers onsite while you witness the entire process. You don’t have to lift a finger—the shredding provider will take care of hauling your papers and feeding them into the shredder for you.

The Steps in the Mobile Shredding Process in Orange County

Mobile shredding is a simple procedure. Here are the steps that are taken when you request mobile shredding services in Huntington Beach:

  1. To begin your project, fill out the form or call us at (714) 907-1778. We will get you FREE quotes on services from reliable local providers across Southern California.
  2. Select the quoted option that best suits your budget and project needs. Once you have chosen your provider, they will set you up with secure, lockable shredding bins to collect your items in.
  3. When your collection bins are full, contact your provider. They will drive to your location in a truck equipped with an industrial-strength shredder, and shred all of your materials at your location while you watch.
  4. When your items have been thoroughly shredded, you will be given a certificate of destruction certifying that the process was done in accordance with all California state and federal laws, including FACTA and HIPAA.

Mobile Shredding Process in Huntington Beach, CA

Is Onsite Shredding in Huntington Beach Secure?

Security should be your number one goal when using a shredding service. We encourage you to ask your provider if they are NAID AAA Certified. This certification ensures that your shredding providers operate under the strictest of standards and delivers the highest quality of services.

Also ask if you will receive a certificate of destruction, which verifies that the shredding process was thorough and in compliance with all information security laws.

How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost in Southern California?

Mobile shredding is an affordable service for mid-sized jobs. This service typically costs $100, depending on where you live.

Since drop off services typically cost around $1 per pound, onsite shredding becomes cost-effective when you have more than 100 pounds of paper. You also get the added convenience of the shredder coming to you, and the provider’s employees do all the work for you.

When calculating the total cost of your shredding project, be sure to include the costs of any special service requests. It’s also a good idea to consider how far you are from the shredding center, as that will impact the overall price of your project.

Get Free, No Obligation Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in Huntington Beach

If you are interested in mobile shredding services for your home or business, call Shred Nations Huntington Beach at (714) 907-1778 or fill out the form. We will get you several priced offers from our shredding partners, so you can select the most affordable, comprehensive option.

Our partners have years of industry experience and use top-of-the-line technologies to ensure your papers are destroyed thoroughly. We are in the business of keeping your business safe.

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