Hackensack Hard Drive Destruction Services

Old computers and smartphones tend to pile up in the closet or the junk drawer. You may consider just throwing them out but think again. Throwing electronics into landfills is illegal and risky. Hackers can use simple software to recover your information and use it to commit identity theft and fraud.

Hard drive destruction services safely dispose of your electronics and destroy the data they contain. We carefully take apart your devices to remove the hard drive. The hard drive is then run through a specialized shredder. The hard drive is reduced to tiny fragments, making your data unrecoverable. All remaining pieces are disposed of in compliance with the EPA or recycled.

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Hackensack

Complete your hard drive destruction project in 4 simple steps:

  1. Start by calling us at (201) 947-1298 or filling out the form. Provide some details on your destruction project and we will send you free price quotes from local providers.
  2. Review your options and select a provider that fits your needs.
  3. Select how you will send in your devices. We offer pick-up, drop-off, and mail-in options.
  4. Once received, your devices will be destroyed. A certificate of destruction will be provided for your records.   

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Hackensack, NJSecure Hard Drive Destruction in Hackensack

It is becoming easier for hackers to use decoding programs to access information from your hard drive, even if your files have been erased. Hard drive destruction is a cost-effective alternative to this kind of security breach.

We follow all guidelines from the National Security Agency and the Department of Defense regarding data destruction. Our providers comply with all applicable privacy laws and HIPAA and FACTA regulations. You will not find more reliable or secure services for hard drive destruction.

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Hackensack 

The price per hard drive is determined by the size of your project, the types of devices, and your location. Typically, the price falls between $7 and $20 per drive. The more devices you have, the lower the price per drive will be. We recommend stocking up on devices to destroy together to reduce your costs.

Get Free, No-Hassle Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction Services in Hackensack

It seems like your information is being attacked from every direction in today’s world. Get protected on all fronts with Shred Nations Hackensack. Contact us by calling (201) 947-1298 or filling out the form. We will help you select services and protect your private information right away.

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