Garden Grove Off Site Shredding Services

Every business collects and maintains a certain amount of sensitive information. Customer data, payroll records, and credit card numbers are just some of the private information businesses handle. To protect this information, businesses will need to properly dispose of documents containing private data. 

Off site shredding helps businesses dispose of a large amount of documents with secure pick up, transport, and shredding. We can quickly dispose of high-volume shredding projects with no weight limits or size restrictions. We include recycling with off site services. Your shreds will be pulped, pulverized, and bleached to prepare them for reuse. 

You can feel confident knowing your information is safe and that our services protect the environment with EPA compliant processing. Contact us today to learn more about our services and request free quotes from local shredding providers. Call (714) 465-4596 or fill out the form on this page. 

Steps for Off Site Shredding in Garden Grove

Complete your off site shredding project in these easy steps:

  1. Begin by calling (714) 465-4596 or filling out the form. We will ask for some details about your shredding project and connect you to local providers that fit your needs. 
  2. Select the provider that fits with your shredding needs and budget. They will supply you with shred bins to store your documents. 
  3. When your bins are ready to be emptied, schedule a time for pick up.
  4. The truck will pick up your documents and safely deliver them to a local shredding facility. When the service is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction. 

Secure Off Site Shredding in Garden Grove

Security is a priority at Shred Nations Garden Grove. All of our services are legally compliant by following applicable privacy laws and HIPAA regulations. We choose shredding partners that offer high-quality shredding services with a focus on safety. 

Our 35 years of experience in shredding has led us to find innovative shredding techniques that offer the latest features in information protection. Our industrial grade shredders use cross-cut techniques to shred your documents in multiple directions, creating a confetti-like shred. This works better than a typical shred by resulting in smaller, ununiformed pieces.

The Cost of Off Site Shredding Cost in Garden Grove

High-volume shredding doesn’t have to be a huge expense for your company. Off site shredding makes projects of 300 pounds or more affordable. It will save you on the price per pound when compared to using a drop off location. Drop off locations typically charge around $1 per pound, which can add up very quickly. 

You can also reduce costs by scheduling ongoing shredding services. This prevents your documents from piling up and reduces prices overall. Our options include:

Our paper conversion tool will help you determine the amount of shredding you have and which service would be most affordable for you.

Get Free, No Obligation Quotes on Off Site Shredding Services in Garden Grove

Shredding safely and permanently disposes of business documents to keep you in legal compliance and prevent breaches of information. Call us at (714) 465-4596 or fill out the form to learn more about our services and get connected with providers near you. We will send you free quotes in minutes. 

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