Gainesville Offsite Shredding Services

Cases of identity theft and fraud are growing every year. Shredding is an easy way to protect yourself and your business from becoming another statistic. 

Off-site shredding is intended for bulk shredding projects. If you have 300 or more pounds of paper to shred, this is the option for you. We will provide you with locking shred bins to store your documents in, pick them up, and transport them to an off site shredding facility. Your private information will be destroyed with cross-cut shredding, reduced to a pulp, and recycled.

Don’t let boxes of old, unwanted paperwork put your business at risk. Destroy your documents with off site shredding today.

Steps for Offsite Shredding in Gainesville

Follow these easy steps to complete your off site shredding project:

  1. Contact us by calling (352) 308-3185 or filling out the form. Based on your shredding requests, we will connect you with a local contractor that fits your needs. 
  2. Choose a contractor and they will provide you with locking shred bins to store your documents. 
  3. Schedule pick up and your documents will be securely transported to an off site shredding facility. 
  4. Your documents will be destroyed quickly and efficiently. You will receive a certificate of destruction upon completion.

Secure Offsite Shredding in Gainesville

Document destruction can prevent years of stress, cost, and hassle from dealing with identity theft or fraud. We take every opportunity to add security to the shredding process. 

Our locking shred bins protect your information by keeping your documents out of physical or visual contact until they are placed in the shredder. Our shredding partners comply with all federal and Florida state privacy laws.

We are committed to providing services that businesses trust. If you have any concerns regarding security, please contact us.

The Cost of Offsite Shredding Cost in Gainesville

Off site shredding is cost effective for large shredding projects. It saves you the cost and time associated with hauling your own documents to a drop off location and saves you on the price per pound.

Off site shredding also offers scheduled services to maintain your shredding needs. Based on the frequency you choose, ongoing services can save you money. We offer:

  • One-time purges
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services
  • Quarterly or annual services

Get Free, No Obligation Quotes on Offsite Shredding Services in Gainesville

Off site shredding is a safe way to shred your sensitive information and comply with security laws. We are committed to information protection and look forward to partnering with your business in secure shredding. Call us at (352) 308-3185 or fill out the form to receive free price quotes from local companies today.

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