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Technology will continue to change the way all businesses are conducted. We have data stored on computers, phones, and any other device used. Technology has made lives easier with immediate access and connectivity, but technology has also shown it comes with the challenge of keeping all our information private and secure. 

Hard drive destruction is a service that safely disposes of electronics through specialized methods to make your data irretrievable. 

We accept all kinds of electronics for hard drive destruction. Once received, we dismantle their parts, shred the pieces, and recycle the fragments. We make our services as easy as possible with drop off, pick up, and direct shipment options

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Allen County

Follow these steps to destroy old hard drives and other electronics:

  1. Submit a quote request by calling us at (260) 302-1113 or filling out the form. 
  2. Review your quote options and select the provider that works best fits your needs. 
  3. When the company has received your devices, each one will be destroyed using specialized methods and tools. 
  4. When your project is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction to comply with Indiana privacy laws. 

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Alameda, CASecure Hard Drive Destruction in Fort Wayne

Shred Nations Fort Wayne’s hard drive destruction services are completely secure. Making sure that your data is completely destroyed so there is no way to salvage the broken pieces of your device. 

A certificate of destruction is given to you after your device has been shredded and recycled. The certificate will detail the shredding process and explain compliance with FACTA and HIPAA

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Fort Wayne

Hard drive destruction services can vary in price based on a number of factors. We strive to give you the most affordable options by matching you with several shredding professionals.

To get an accurate estimate for your specific needs, please contact us today. We will determine the price based on your devices, the number of devices, your location, and other factors.

Get Free, No Hassle Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction Services in Fort Wayne

Hard drive destruction services benefit your business by safeguarding your private information. We bundle our electronics disposal services with recycling to also benefit the planet. Keep your electronics out of landfills, out of harm’s way, and safe with Shred Nations Fort Wayne. Call us at (260) 302-1113 or fill out the form to get started right away.

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