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Off site shredding services are meant for large scale shredding projects. Like mobile shredding, one of our trusted providers will come to you, anywhere in the Fargo area. However, instead of shredding at your curb, your documents will be transported to an off site facility for destruction. 

At the shredding facility, your documents will be mixed with thousands of others and shredded in industrial shredders. If you generate large amounts of documents, you may be interested in ongoing shredding services, rather than a one-time purge. Stay organized by scheduling shredding services weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. 

What Is the Cost of Off-Site Shredding

Transporting large amounts of paper is difficult and time consuming. Off site shredding provides secure transport for all of your documents, no matter how large the project.

Every shredding project is a little bit different and can vary on the exact price. Factors like your location, the size of your project, and special requirements can affect the overall cost. On average offsite shredding services can cost $130 for a project up to 120 lbs.

What Is the Off-Site Shredding Process

How to complete your off site shredding project:

  1. Fill out the form or call us at (701) 540-6135 to receive several personalized quotes for your project. 
  2. Review the quotes, considering the specifics of your project and your budget. Choose the company that best fits your needs and schedule a time to receive your shred bins
  3. Fill your bins and schedule secure transport for your documents. 
  4. At the off site facility, your documents will be destroyed. You will receive a certificate of destruction to confirm the shredding process.

Get Free Quotes on Off-Site Shredding

We would be happy to assist you with your large scale shredding project today. We will connect you to shredding companies in the Fargo area within minutes. Call us at (701) 540-6135 or fill out the form to get started right away.

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