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Everett Off Site Shredding Services

Companies that produce and store large amounts of personal or confidential information face a unique challenge when it comes to getting rid of records they no longer need. Documents containing personal information must be destroyed carefully to limit your liability and protect your customers.

Off site shredding is best for large scale shredding projects. One-time purge or ongoing services at a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual rate are offered.

Steps for Off Site Shredding in Everett

Begin the convenient process of off site shredding with these easy steps:

  1. Call us at (425) 728-8962 or fill out the form on this page. Within minutes we will connect you with Everett-based contractors that best fit your needs.  
  2. Choose a contractor while considering the specifications of your unique shredding project. The contractor will provide you with locked shred bins to store all your unwanted documents.
  3. Schedule pick up for your documents and the shredding company will send a secure truck to transport your documents to an off site shredding facility.  
  4. Once delivered, your documents will be shredded and recycled with thousands of others. You will receive a certificate of destruction summarizing the destruction process.

Secure Off Site Shredding in Everett

Offsite Document Shredding

Our Everett area partners comply with all FACTA and HIPAA policies, offering the highest in professional, secure shredding services.

You will be provided with a certificate of destruction to prove you have followed all protocols to protect your employees, clients, and reputation. Be sure to ask your chosen provider about their NAID AAA Certification to ensure they are following the highest safety standards.

The Cost of Off Site Shredding in Everett

Off site shredding provides the ease and convenience of mobile shredding without the space limitations.

Drop off locations charge per pound and require you to transport your own documents, which costs you additional money and time.

Off site shredding is an easy and affordable choice for your large volume shredding needs.

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Call us at (425) 728-8962 or fill out the form to get started on your off site shredding project today.

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