Whether you got a new one because you wanted an upgrade in technology or your old cell phone was broken, we accumulate cell phones over the years. There are even cell phones from other family members laying around that need to be disposed of, but where? How do you make sure that the data on your cell phone is disposed of properly? How do you make sure that they cell phones are being disposed of environmentally? Cell phone disposal and recycling services can get rid of old, unwanted devices and a safe and legal manner. 

How Does Cell Phone Disposal Work?

One option for cell phone recycling is to drop the phones off at a place that does cell phone disposal. Once dropped off, the cell phone will be dismantled and all recyclable materials removed. Make sure to ask the provider if they do any data erasure or what their data disposal policy is. You want to make sure that the cell phone does not contain any of your personal or business data on it when it is disposed of.

There are also a multitude of other options that are available. There are kiosks that take your cell phone at grocery stores or other retail outlets. These kiosks typically will pay you a small fee for the phone and may resell them to others that do not have access to newer models of cell phones. Additionally, there are some recyclers that provide boxes where you can ship your old phones to them. Unfortunately, the boxes are only for one phone. 

Shred Nations Can Help with Electronics Disposal & Recycling  

Shred Nations has a network of Electronics Recycling centers in North America. Whether you are looking for data security or trying to be a good steward of planet earth, we have a solution that fits your needs. 

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