Onsite Shredding Services in Delray Beach

Shred Nations Delray beach offers a mobile shredding service. Every year the cases of identity theft are increasing. Criminals are becoming smarter and residents and businesses are becoming less concerned with the information they put in the trash.

Don’t fall into bad habits regarding your personal information. Protection can be simple. Here at shred Nations we offer a simple yet affordable shredding solution. Mobile shredding will service your location, and shred all documents onsite while you watch.

Our onsite shredding service is a service for businesses or residents that have less than 300 pounds or roughly 10 boxes of shredding to complete. We service all areas of Delray Beach and can service your location to get your information to a more secure state.

How Mobile Shredding Works at Shred Nations Delray Beach

Below are the steps in the mobile shredding process:

  1. To get started, fill out the form on the right or call us at (561) 282-6980. We will connect you to several local shredders who will offer you affordable price quotes.

  2. Evaluate your option and choose the best one for you or your business. Your service provider will then provide you with locked shredding bins. You will fill these up and when they are nearing capacity you will schedule  shredding time with the provider.

  3. On their scheduled day they will bring a shredding truck to your location and they will shred all documents onsite while you watch.

  4. At the end of the shredding process you will be given a certificate of destruction.

Our contractors never come in contact with your papers, before or after they are shredded.

Is Mobile Shredding in Delray Beach Secure?

We want you to know that we only offer secure mobile shredding services. Our contractors are always concerned about your safety and you should rest assured that your personal information will stay secure throughout the entire shredding process.

After the shredding project is complete we offer a certificate of destruction which is proof that we shredded all documents in compliance with federal laws such as FACTA and HIPAA as well as Florida state laws.

How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost in Delray Beach?

Our mobile shredding service is advantageously priced. On average the cost is $100, although this price can fluctuate due to your location. Comparing this to drop off prices in the area at $.99 per pound, any shredding project greater than 100 pounds is worth wile being completed with a mobile shredding service.

Get Free Quotes on Delray Beach Mobile Shredding Services

To begin getting free mobile shredding quotes in the Delray beach area, fill out the form on the right or call us at (561) 282-6980. We will help you get an affordable price for your shedding project from one of our local contractors.

We want to help you prevent identity theft and make it harder for criminals to steal your personal information. Our mobile shredding is a simple yet affordable way to do so. No matter your shredding project we can help you find the correct service. For all services we also offer the following frequencies including:

  • One Time Purges
  • Weekly, Bi Weekly, and Monthly Service
  • Drop Off Services for small scale shredding projects

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Our normal operating hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

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