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Broken Arrow Off Site Shredding Services

If your project requires a high volume of shredding (15 boxes or more), off site document shredding is the solution for you. A local shredding company will come to any location in Broken Arrow  to pick up documents. Instead of shredding on site, your documents are transported to an off site facility for destruction. 

At the secure shredding facility, your documents are destroyed in a large, industrial shredder. Off site shredding is quick, economical, and convenient for your large-scale shredding project. 

Shred Nations Broken Arrow  will give you multiple pricing options for your offsite shredding project.  We can shred your documents on your schedule with ongoing services. We offer one-time purges; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly services; quarterly or annual services; and drop off service. 

Give us a call at (918) 505-9002 or fill out the form to get started today. 

Steps for Off Site Shredding in Broken Arrow

Off Site shredding can be scheduled by following the steps below:

  1. Contact us by calling (918) 505-9002 or filling out the form. We will have quotes from reliable, Broken Arrow-based companies for you within minutes. 
  2. Select the company that best fits your needs. They will provide you with locked shred bins for all of your documents. 
  3. When your bins are ready, schedule a secure truck to transport your documents to an off site shredding plant. Your documents will be safely transported and never come in direct contact with any of our shredding professionals. 
  4. Once at the shredding facility, documents are shredded and recycled. A certificate of destruction will be sent to you when the job is complete. 

Secure Off Site Shredding in Broken Arrow

Shred Nations Broken Arrow  understands the importance of security. Our NAID AAA Certified providers offer high quality, secure services. NAID certification ensures compliant shredding and the proper destruction of your documents.  

Certificates of destruction are created for every job to confirm your project is FACTA and HIPAA compliant. The certificate will include a unique serial number and the time and location of destruction. 

The Cost of Off Site Shredding Cost in Broken Arrow

The larger the shredding project, the more affordable off site shredding becomes. 

On average, drop off shredding costs $1 per pound, making large scale projects very costly. Mobile shredding services average at $120 in Broken Arrow, depending on the specifics of the job and your individual location.  

Off site shredding averages about $85 for a similar sized job. However, other factors can increase the price. Keep in mind your location, additional services, or special requests when determining the price of your shredding project. 

Ultimately, off site shredding saves your company money when compared to mobile shredding for a high volume job. Review your options carefully and choose the service that best fits the needs of your project.  

Get Free, No Obligation Quotes on Off Site Shredding Services in Broken Arrow

For Shred Nations Broken Arrow, security is our number one priority. We will offer you a full range of security features that include, but are not limited to: locking shred bins, a certificate of destruction, and compliant service from start to finish. Call us today at (918) 505-9002 or fill out the form for free price quotes. 

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