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Offsite Shredding Services in Branford and Surrounding Areas

Documents that are not properly disposed of can reveal personal and proprietary information. Banking information, identification numbers, and business secrets are valuable information that can be used to make unauthorized purchases, take out fraudulent loans, and lead to corporate espionage. 

Secure shredding services prevent your information from falling into the wrong hands. Off site shredding helps you tackle high-volume shredding projects safely. Designed for projects of 300 pounds of paper or more, off site shredding has no weight limits or size restrictions.

We pick up your documents and safely deliver them to a shredding facility for destruction. Your documents will be shredded quickly and thoroughly in our huge industrial shredders, ensuring that your information is unrecoverable and protected.

Steps that Shred Nations Branford takes for Offsite Shredding

  1. Begin by requesting free quotes on off site shredding services. Call us at (203) 303-7402 or fill out the form. We will ask for some details about your project and connect you with local providers within minutes. 
  2. Review the quotes and choose a provider that fits your needs. Your provider will supply you with locking shred bins to safely store your documents. 
  3. When you are ready to shred, schedule a truck to pick up your documents. 
  4. Your shredding project will be completed at a local shredding facility. You will receive a certificate of destruction as a receipt of compliant shredding. 

Is Offsite Shredding in Branford Secure?

Offsite Document Shredding

Having a large amount of documents to shred increases the likelihood that your documents could be lost or stolen. Professional shredding services reduce the risk of loss in storage and transit. Off site shredding uses shred bins to safely transport and deliver your paper to the shredding facility for destruction. 

Our shredding facilities are HIPAA and FACTA compliant and follow all applicable privacy laws. We ensure the safety of your information throughout handling and destruction. 

How Much Does Offsite Shredding in Branford Cost?

Shredding large amounts of paperwork is affordable with Shred Nations Branford. You will save significantly on the price per pound when compared to using a drop off facility. Drop off facilities also have storage and processing limitations when it comes to high-volume projects. 

Scheduled services can reduce the cost of shredding and help you keep up with your shredding needs. We have many frequency options for your convenience. Our options include: 

  • One-time purges
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services
  • Quarterly or annual services

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Offsite Shredding Services in Branford

Off site shredding can take on any shredding project, no matter how large. Our state-of-the-art shredding facilities can shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper per hour, completing your shredding project quickly and properly. Call us at (203) 303-7402 or fill out the form to request free quotes on off site shredding services near you. 

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