What Do Shredding Companies Do With Your Paper?

What Do Shredding Companies Do With Your Paper?

Document shredding is the safest way to ensure that your files are completely destroyed. During this process, a professional shredding company uses industrial shredders to tear your records into millions of tiny, unreadable pieces. But then–What do shredding companies do with your paper? Shred Nations has the answers to all of your paper shredding questions and solutions for your destruction projects. 

Shredding Process

The shredding process is highly secure and trusted by thousands of people daily. During this process, a shredding company comes to your location and retrieves your files that need to be destroyed. Depending on the service you choose, these papers are either taken to a secure facility for destruction or they are shredded on site in a self-contained truck as you watch. After off site or mobile shredding you then receive a certificate of destruction for your records.

What Shredding Companies Do With Your Paper

After your files are shredded, shredding companies then have to do something with the scraps. Typically, more processing happens to ensure that the papers are completely unrecoverable. There are a few methods of disposal for files after shredding.

Recycling: Recycling is one of the most common practices for dealing with shredded papers. Shreds can be bundled and sent to recycling facilities where it’s processed into new paper products. 

Pulping: Pulping involves breaking down the paper fibers into a slurry of pulp. This can then be used to produce various paper products such as cardboard, tissue paper, or even new sheets of paper.

Secure Disposal: Some shredding companies offer secure disposal services where the shredded materials are disposed of in a way that ensures they cannot be reconstructed. This might involve mixing the shredded paper with other waste materials or processing it in a way that makes reconstruction virtually impossible.

Composting: In some cases, shredded paper may be composted. It can be used as a carbon-rich component in composting operations, contributing to soil health and fertility.

Energy Recovery: Energy recovery is a less common way for paper shredding facilities to treat shreds. However, shredded paper can be used for energy recovery through processes like incineration. By burning shredded paper in controlled environments, energy can be generated which can then be used for purposes such as heating or electricity generation.

What Do Shredding Companies Do With Your Paper?

Security Considerations

The security of your information is extremely important to Shred Nations and our partners. Some of the biggest concerns surrounding what shredding companies do with paper include reconstruction and data breaches, chain of custody, and employee trustworthiness. Our partners are heavily vetted by our company and compliant with relevant local, state, and federal regulations

Reputable shredding companies utilize cross-cut or micro-cut shredders that turn documents into tiny, confetti-like pieces, making reconstruction virtually impossible. For added security, you can choose to witness the shredding happen. Trained personnel are the only people who handle your files during the shredding process. Facilities have strict area controls to control premises and maintain a documented chain of custody for shredded materials. This means that files, their shreds, and the people that handle them are closely monitored and tracked throughout the process. 

Trustworthy shredding companies like our partners adhere to relevant laws and regulations governing data protection and document destruction. These companies stay up-to-date on industry standards and best practices, undergo regular audits or certifications, and provide documentation to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements. Shred Nations’ partners have a proven track record of compliance within their communities around the US and Canada. Our providers are committed to the privacy of their clients. 

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