Preventing Unintentional Data Breaches

data breach magnifying glass

There are three root causes of a data breaches: malicious or criminal attacks, system glitches, and unintentional security breaches. Accidental security breaches account for 18% of data all breaches, costing $141 per lost or stolen record in 2017. There are three steps you can take to protect your company from an unintentional security breach.

Have a Document Retention and Destruction Plan

  • The key to preventing a data breach is to have processes and procedures to prevent them. A detailed record retention plan can help your office keep all confidential documents secure. After confidential documents have exceeded the retention period they should be completely destroyed. There are several options of document shredding and destruction that might best fit your company.

Ensure All Computers and Media Are Properly Destroyed

  • Hard drives that are lost, stolen, or recovered when they have been discarded are an easy way for a hacker to get sensitive information. In order to ensure information security, it is best to have unused hard drives completely erased or destroyed.

Secure Your Network

  • Having strong passwords for all access points to your business is essential. It is important to protect every computer, laptop, and smartphone that has access to your network. You should also limit the amount of employees who have access to certain documents. An electronic document management system makes it easy to lock down access to certain documents and reduce the risk of a security breach.

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