Avoid Corporate Espionage

Businesses have such large quantities of important documents that can easily be leaked or stolen that corporate espionage has become a crime that all businesses must watch out for. Data isn’t only being hacked through computers, but physical documents are also being taken.

Although you can lock up documents and keep records secure within the business, espionage is more often than not conducted by your very own employees. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t  trust the people you work with, but rather to make sure you take the proper precautions to avoid exposing confidential records to a data breach or your competitors.

Keeping your business’ important documents safe is a crucial part of your success. To avoid having corporate espionage happen in your business, follow these easy steps.

Print Wisely and Keep it Safe

Make sure to only print out documents that absolutely need to be printed. By putting your important information in a physical form, you can make it easier for your documents to be lost or taken advantage of. Those that you choose to print should be locked away safely and not left lying around the office.

Secure the files they are in so that few people can get a hold of them.  Putting important documents inside secure shredding containers helps you know where they are and who can see them, allowing access to authorized people only. Once you have filled your containers, you could have a mobile shredding service come to you to shred them for you, or have them pick up your documents for an off site shredding service.

File Electronically

When you convert your sensitive files to digital format with a document scanning service, they are more protected than when they are physically somewhere in the office. Scanning your documents is an efficient way to safely store your records electronically. This leaves less paper lying around for people to possibly photograph or copy, but still gives you access to your records.

Destroy What’s Not Needed

Excess records around the office can easily be found by someone looking for confidential information without permission. To avoid that easy access, it is always smart to shred any information that is no longer needed. Figure out your record’s lifetime and act accordingly when it is over. Having a professional shredding company do it for you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

To read more about how to avoid corporate espionage, check out this article “Tips for Preventing Business Espionage” from businesssecurity.net. It provides step by step tips to help keep your company safe from corporate espionage.

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