It is a known fact that you want to make sure you destroy your hard drive before you dispose of it.  Why do we care so much about making sure that our hard drives are destroyed to begin with though?  What information do our hard drives retain that would make it important to dispose of them properly?

Computer hard disk, isolated on the whiteWhen you use your computer your hard drive stores everything that you do on your computer.  Think about all of the pictures that you have on your computer alone.  Would you mind having a complete stranger looking through your pictures?  What about all of the e-mails and documents that you have accessed on your computer?  Your hard drive stores every single thing that you have accessed over the years that you have had your computer.  If you really consider just how much information that is, then you will realize the importance of proper hard drive destruction.

Identity theft is a huge issue in our world today.  It is unfortunate, but it can be devastating to find out that your identity has been taken.  It is also a privacy issue.  Whether someone had access to your identity or not, do you really want someone you don’t know looking through all of your information?  It is always better to be overprotective of your information, than under protective.  It isn’t worth it to just throw away your hard drive, when it is so easy to have it destroyed in the appropriate fashion.