Hard Drive

By now it’s common knowledge that you should make sure you destroy your hard drive before you dispose of it. Why do we care so much about making sure that our hard drives are destroyed to begin with though? What information do our hard drives retain that would make it important to dispose of them properly?

Hard Drives Record Everything

Identity theft is a huge issue in our world today. It is also a privacy issue. Being overprotective of your information is the best plan. When it is so easy to have information destroyed in the appropriate fashion, it isn’t worth the risk to just throw away your hard drive.

Your hard drive stores everything that you do on your computer. Think about all of the pictures that you have on your computer alone. Would you mind having a complete stranger looking through your pictures? What about all of the e-mails and documents that you have accessed on your computer? Those still exist on your hard drive too.

Your hard drive stores every single thing that you have accessed over the years on your computer.

Hard Drive on KeyboardWhat to Do With Old Hard Drives

Complete destruction of your hard drive is the best way to dispose of it. You may have heard of degaussing and reformatting. But shredding is less expensive than degaussing and far more secure than reformatting.

Need to Shred Old Hard Drives?

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