Shred Tech has announced the MDX-2 mobile shredding truck. This truck is the successor to the MDX-1. The big advantage of this truck is the ability to change particle size on the fly to a particle that meets the DIN 4 standard (1.9mm x 15mm).  The change can be done with the push of a button and does not require the manual moving of screens. The throughput is 6,500 pounds per hour on standard mode and 1,000 pounds per hour on the “high security shred size.”

This truck is an obvious response to lawsuit that Iron Mountain and Shred-it settled last year over failing to meet the particle size required by federal contracts. A truck that can offer smaller particle sizes is now a requirement for any shredding service that works with federal contracts.

The other change I expect to see in the shredding market is a move to multiple pricing tiers based on particle size. It is easy to see the costs to shred at a much slower rate will require those costs to be offset in the service pricing. This also gives different shredders the opportunity to focus on different markets and provide different value propositions.