What Are Purge Shredding Services?

Box of Documents to Purge Shred

Purge shredding services are convenient, cost effective, and a simple solution for when you have pounds of old paperwork to throw out that contains private information. Purge shredding services securely destroy your documents, and then they take the shreds for recycling. It provides a secure and sustainable solution to all the unnecessary paper lying around in your office or home.

In the video or transcript below, learn more about purge shredding, when to use it, and the benefits of a document shredding purge service.

Video Transcription

Purge Shredding Defined

Purge shredding is used as a one-time event for shredding documents in bulk. Trucks equipped with industrial shredders come to any location to shred on site or take back to a secure facility. Because they can handle thousands of pounds per hour, massive purge shredding projects become a 5 minute process.

When to use Purge Shredding Services

There are three situations where purge shredding is ideal:

  • There’s a large volume of documents past their retention time
  • There isn’t a need or desire for ongoing business shredding services
  • Individuals want a one-time clean-out of personal documents and files

While purges are often used as an annual spring cleaning for files, a purge can also be requested at any time. If you expect to need shredding services again, you can schedule regular pickups at monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or even yearly intervals.

purge shreddingPrimary Purge Options

Mobile and off site shredding are the two primary services used to handle purge shredding. Depending on your specific needs or project, one may be better than the other.

With either, a mobile truck comes to the location and either shreds on-site or picks up the containers for shredding at an off site facility. Additionally, mobile and off site purge shredding services comes with several advantages:

  • Cost
  • Speed
  • Security
  • Sustainability

Comparing the Purge Options


Mobile shredding is ideal for any amount of shredding. For a flat fee of roughly between $130-$175 for 1-10 boxes, a mobile truck comes to your location to shred onsite while you watch. However, the price will vary on your location, size of your project, and other factors.

Off Site

Off site shredding is ideal for purge projects of any size. Because trucks don’t stay onsite, the shredding price per box for off site is slightly lower. This makes it cheaper as projects get larger.

purge shreddingBenefits of Purge Shredding Services

When businesses and individuals are in need of a one-time clean out, purge shredding projects help to destroy large amounts of documents securely, quickly, and cost efficiently.

Shredding Large Amounts in Little Time

Purge shredding projects often involve shredding hundreds of pounds of paper. While self-shredding these could take hundreds of hours, mobile and off site use industrial shredders that can chew through over 1,000+ lbs of paper per hour.

Instead of hand shredding everything yourself, the service does it all for you. By using a service, this frees up countless hours to be put towards more productive uses. You also won’t need to stress about finding a recycling or disposal option, as the shredder will handle all the recycling for you.

Purging Securely

Because the main purpose of shredding is security, multiple steps are taken to ensure purge shredding projects stay secure. After any purge service, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction. This ensures the shredding was complete, and your documents were securely destroyed.

The certificate is useful in the event of any legal action as proof of proper destruction as well as for your own records of destruction. Additionally, a certificate of destruction includes all security details of the shredding project, including:

  • Chain of custody
  • Destruction witnesses
  • Date and location
  • Serialized transaction number for audit trails

Shredding Sustainably

The final step in both mobile and off site is recycling paper shreds. When self-recycling, the paper shreds are often too small to be accepted through recycler. However, many recyclers partner with shredders who bring in enough to exclusively recycle them for later reuse and new purges in the future.

The positive Impact of Recycling Paper Shreds from purge shredding services

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