Why Should Homes Shred Their Documents?

When most people leave their homes, they lock their doors.  When they leave their cars, they lock their doors.  Many homes have sophisticated security systems installed to protect their belongings.  It doesn’t matter where you live, you are at risk.  Little do they know, a huge threat looms in a place they may not have even considered before.

Every year, the incidence of identity theft is on the rise.  More often people are finding themselves the victims of having their identity stolen and they have no idea how it even happened.  Unfortunately, it could have been something as simple as throwing their personal papers in the trash.  It is not uncommon that thieves will dumpster dive for your personal information.  Since so many people mindlessly toss credit card statements, pre-approved solicitations and bank account information in the garbage without a second thought, thieves know to target your trash.  This is why document shredding is extremely important.

Even though in most cases, federal law states that an identity theft victim cannot be responsible for more than $50 in fraudulent charges on their accounts, the amount of time and money that they spend trying to restore their credit rating surely makes the small cost of document shredding or hiring a shredding service well worth considering.

Document shredding and shredding services aren’t just for large businesses anymore.  Households and busy families can utilize these services as easily as ever.  Shred Nations can help you locate the qualified shredding service you need in your area.  With the availability of mobile shredding, you can have a truck come to your home or business where you can personally oversee the document shredding and ensure that no one sees any of your personal information.  Or, for a more cost effective option, you can have your papers picked up and delivered to a secure shredding plant.  With the ease of hiring a shredder or a shredding service, there’s no reason to have your personal information stolen by anyone, anymore.  It is cost effective, whether you have one filing box to shred or ten.  Give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your personal documents have been securely shredded.