Document Shredding MedicalMedical records are one of the most sought-after resources for identity thieves. They contain an abundance of personal information that could be very harmful in the wrong hands. Your medical facility must take great care in how they store and manage your patient files. Also, they must be completely destroyed in accordance with all government guidelines when no longer needed.

HIPAA is very strict when it comes to the proper disposal of protected health information (PHI). Medical record shredding includes a certificate of destruction for your HIPAA compliance records, and shields you from potential legal action. A single violation could cost you thousands of dollars, depending on the infraction.

When to Shred Your Medical Files and Documents

There are three main instances when your medical office will need to shred documents:

  1. Your documents, records, and other files with confidential client information have exceeded their required retention period
  2. Your office has just undergone a transition to electronic medical records and your medical records scanning procedure is complete
  3. There were clerical errors made while completing patient paperwork and a new one must be created or filed

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