How Much Will It Cost to Shred My Documents?

Comparing How Much the Different Shredding Services Cost. Cost To Shred DocumentsThe cost to shred your documents will depend on a few key factors These factors include the type of service you select, the volume of documents you need to shred, and the level of security required. However, most residential customers won’t need to worry about the level of security aspect. All the document shredding services ShredNations provides are secure, but some industries require higher levels due to regulations or laws.

The Cost To Shred Documents by Service Type

Mobile Shredding

Mobile shredding services are designed for people who are willing to pay a little more for effortless, witnessed document destruction. You can schedule mobile services for any size project, but it typically takes around 90 lbs or more before it’s cost-effective. However, if you need to witness the shredding for compliance reasons, it presents the best option.

The cost for mobile shredding can vary from $75–$250 depending on the area you are in and how much shredding you have, with the average typically between $130-$150 for a project up to 120 lbs.

Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding services offer the convenience of mobile shredding with a lower price tag. A truck will come to your location to pick up your materials and transport them to an off-site facility to be shredded later. While you don’t get to see your materials destroyed, you’re provided a formal certificate of destruction once the job is completed.

Since the truck doesn’t need to be outfitted with a shredding unit, you can expect a reduction in cost. The average is between $130-$150 for a project up to 120 lbs. However, the price tends to be lower than witnessed shredding.

Drop Off Paper Shredding

Drop-off shredding is ideal for people who want an inexpensive, schedule-free alternative service. You go to drop off your boxes of paper to be shredded at a retail location rather than providers coming to you, which lowers the cost and allows you to go anytime you want.

The national average for drop-off shredding is around $1 to $1.50 per pound (depending on your area) drop-off shredding is a good choice for shredding projects up to 90 pounds. There isn’t an opportunity to witness your papers being shredded with drop-off services, but you receive a certificate of destruction.

How Much Does It Cost to Shred a Bankers Box?

It is difficult to say since the cost to shred can depend on the area and location. However, a banker’s box is usually around 30 lbs which could be anywhere between $30-$50 (national average). Using a drop-off location may be a good option if you have 1-3 boxes of documents. The downside is you do not get to witness the shredding. This is why, if you have enough boxes, individuals are opting for an at-home service. Mobile shredding comes right to you and allows you to watch the shredding take place. Our shredding experts can walk you through the process and help you determine which option may be best for you!

Ship ‘N’ Shred

Similar to drop-off shredding, our Ship ‘N’ Shred services charge by the pound. The cost is approximately $30 for a 30 pound box of paper, but a bulk discount begins at $45 for a 65-pound box of paper. Ship ‘N’ Shred can be customized depending on whether you want to drop off your materials at a shipping location or schedule a FedEx truck to pick up your boxes from the comfort of your own home or office.

Again, while you’re unable to personally watch your documents destroyed, you can still get a certificate of destruction.

Hard Drive Shredding

On average, hard drive destruction costs anywhere from $7–$20 per hard drive depending on multiple variables. When the quantity of hard drives to be destroyed goes up, the price per drive will go down. These prices can also be subject to a minimum fee or trip charge, which will only grow the farther away your location is.

Please take note: All of the prices listed vary based on your location, who you choose for your project and some of the factors listed below. Be sure to contact us or fill out our form to get an accurate price for your project.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Shred Your Documents

Other factors affect final shredding pricesHow Much Do You Have to Shred?

Drop off services charge by the pound, while mobile shredding or off site shredding companies frequently have flat costs for their services. With hard drive shredding, the cost per hard drive decreases as the total number of hard drives increases.

The service that fits you best depends on how much you need to shred. As that number increases, it usually makes more sense to use a mobile or off site shredding company rather than dropping your documents off at a retail location.

Where Are You Located?

Proximity to professional shredding companies located in your area also factors into the price of your project. Mobile and off site shredding companies that come to you factor in the distance they have to travel into your quote, so if you live on the outskirts of town those services might cost a little more than if you’re in the heart of a metro area.

Are There Any Extra Steps That Need to Be Considered?

Any additional steps to the process affect the price of your project. Be sure to provide any additional requirements with your quote request to make sure you get as accurate a quote as possible. For example, gathering bins from multiple locations or having the driver travel up a flight of stairs could increase the price.

Have More Questions on the Cost to Shred Your Documents?

If you have any more questions on the cost of your next shredding project, or simply would like to get a free, no-obligation quote, simply give Shred Nations a call at (800) 747-3365, fill out the form, or contact us directly using our live chat. In just minutes, you will receive free, customized quotes from local document shredding services.