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Drop-off shredding is priced by the pound. Just bring your documents to The UPS Store in New Rochelle where you can put them in a secure bin. They will be picked up by the shredder later.

(914) 633-6673

Located in The UPS Store

document shredding services New RochelleNew Rochelle Document Shredding Services

As time goes by, individuals accumulate a considerable amount of paper, leading to the question of how to handle them. If you find yourself in this predicament, Shred Nations New Rochelle is here to assist you by connecting you with local shredders, streamlining the entire document shredding process. Whether you operate a business or reside in a home, we can effectively aid you in disposing of documents and safeguarding your data.

Shred Nations is proud to partner with service providers throughout NY that can help individuals and businesses destroy their unneeded documents and data. There are many different service options to choose from, including mobile shredding, off-site shredding, and hard drive destruction. We can help dispose of both your documents and electronics!

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