Data breaches cost companies millions of dollars worldwide every year. Securing your documents and important business files is one of the easiest ways to prevent information about your business, employees, or customers from getting into the wrong hands.

This section helps you understand more about reducing the risk of a data breach, ways hackers and identity thieves find your business information, and tips on how to ensure your business takes the proper measures if a data breach happens.

Top Tips for Data Breach Prevention & Response

Cyber-criminals are learning new techniques and tricks to steal information from people. It can be difficult to predict what they will do during an attack, but there are still things you can do for data breach prevention. It’s important to protect against invasion and try to minimize the damage....
Data Breach

Common Types of Data Breaches

Data Breaches have been all over the news lately, but what exactly is meant by the term “Data Breach”? There are three different types of data breaches—physical, electronic, and skimming. They all share the same amount of risk and consequences but are unique in execution. It is important to...
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Preventing Unintentional Data Breaches

There are three root causes of a data breaches: malicious or criminal attacks, system glitches, and unintentional security breaches. Accidental security breaches account for 18% of data all breaches, costing $141 per lost or stolen record in 2017. There are three steps you can take to protect your company from...