Businesses need to protect their intellectual property. One of the easiest ways to prevent a data breach or corporate espionage is to make sure your documents are disposed of properly.

We put together a bunch of information on business document shredding and security, which includes anything from migrating to a paperless office to business documents you need to retain or shred.

Shredding for Lawyers

Lawyers on Shredding

When it comes to shredding sensitive documents, you can’t be too careful these days. Many industries have strict regulations mandating how the destruction of documents should be handled. Surprisingly, there aren’t many federal rules or regulations when it comes to lawyers and the destruction of legal documents.  Since so...
Death & Document Destruction

Death and Document Destruction

Death and document destruction may seem unrelated at first glance. There are few things more difficult than dealing with the death of a loved one. Unfortunately, many people don’t prepare for this inevitability ahead of time. This often leaves family members with the burden of sorting through paperwork and...
Clean Desk

Clean Desk Policy

Having a clean desk policy is becoming more and more common these days. Now that many businesses are bringing employees back to the office, many of them are re-evaluating their IT & security policies. Instituting a clean desk policy is controversial in some circles, but it also clearly has...