Businesses need to protect their intellectual property. One of the easiest ways to prevent a data breach or corporate espionage is to make sure your documents are disposed of properly.

We put together a bunch of information on business document shredding and security, which includes anything from migrating to a paperless office to business documents you need to retain or shred.

Security in the Office

How to Increase Workplace Security

Organizations that experience data breaches and expose private customer information are under a lot of pressure from both the public eye and legal regulations. Notable breaches of 2018 (so far) include: Facebook – at least 87 million records affected Under Armour – 150 million records affected Exactis – 340...
Shred All Policies

Implementing a Shred All Policy

  Choosing How to Protect Your Information Protecting private business information is a priority at all companies. Customer data, employee data, partner related information, and documented business processes should all be safely stored, maintained, and thoroughly destroyed upon expiration to avoid accidental exposure of classified information. Document shredding is...