How Much Do You Save With Mobile Shredding?

Mobile shredding gives the opportunity to watch your paper be shred at your curbside. A shred truck with an industrial shredder comes to your location to shred the documents.

Rather than shredding them yourself, mobile comes to you. This makes it a cost-efficient option as well as convenient.

Watch the video or read the transcript below to learn more about the benefits of mobile shredding and how it stacks up against other shredding options.

Video Transcription

Mobile Shredding In 4 Simple Steps

Place Shred Bins

Place the locking shred bins provided by your shredding provider around your office or home.

Store Papers for Shredding

Over time as documents accumulate, use the bin’s slotted top to place and store papers for shredding.

Schedule Mobile Service

Once the bins are full, schedule a day for a shred truck to come to your location. If you frequently need to shred, regularly-scheduled shredding is available.

Witness Your Shredding

On the scheduled date, the truck arrives, and like a garbage truck, it lifts the bins up and into the built-in shredder. After shredding, you will get a certificate of destruction. This details the where and when the documents were shred.

Mobile Shredding Cost Breakdown

Mobile shredding is typically around $130-$175 for a project up to 10 boxes. However, this varys based on location, size of project, and other factors.

These include providing the locking shred bins used to securely store your papers as well as the certificates of destruction to provide proof of secure shredding.

Mobile Shredding’s Flat Fee

While the costs of other sshredding options scale upward with how much you have to shred, mobile shredding typically has a flat fee.

Mobile shredding costs can be affected by factors like distance, but compared to options like DIY or drop-off shredding, it eliminates extra costs ranging from shredder repair and maintenance to time, space, and the cost of the shredder itself.

Pricing Comparison

Other options like DIY or small-scale drop-off shredding include costs which when added together can make shredding more expensive. For example, if you have 50 employees making $16.50 per hour who shred for just 2 minutes per day and 300 pounds over the course of one month:

Am I Trading Anything for the Low Shredding Cost?

While many cost-saving strategies, mobile shredding’s advantages extend beyond its initial benefit of cost efficiency. This includes witnessed shredding, certificates of destruction, and regularly scheduled shredding.

Are Security & Convenience Covered By Mobile Shredding?

You’re primarily searching for the cheapest shredding available. However, there might still be other concerns on the back burner such as:

Security Mobile trucks allows you to personally watch the full shredding process and how your materials are handled.Besides witnessing shredding at the curbside, mobile shredders also provide formal certificates of destruction to provide proof of compliance with laws like HIPAA.
Convenience With mobile shredding, you cut down the shredding process to minutes instead of hours.Rather than spending time shredding yourself, you only need a short break to handle your shredding. With regularly-scheduled shredding also available, it only gets easier.

Searching for the Cheapest Shredding Available?

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