COVID 19 Shredding

When the budget gets tight, one of the first items on the chopping block is marketing and advertising expenses. This is because customers are not buying as much. Therefore, companies think marketing may not be an essential item to maintain.

Marketing Shredding in the "Shelter-in-Place" EconomyIs Marketing Spend Essential

After years of investing in online marketing, shredding companies will still have a corporate website and an established presence on social media and other sites. Additionally, customers are likely to remember your business even if it doesn’t appear on the top of search engines.

If this is your thinking, you’re not alone. In a survey of 400 companies, AdAge’s survey showed one in four companies have paused ad spend for the first and second quarters this year. Additionally, nearly half of the companies have at least significantly reduced their spend.

One of the negatives is your company is potentially missing out on customers who are still searching for your services. In fact, Jeff Snyder, president of Elumynt, said, “If your company is selling a product or service that is still in demand, you should be looking to maximize your ad spend.”

This is a unique opportunity for companies to infiltrate the market if they think strategically. With a large part of the work force at home, advertisers should be ready to shift their budget, change bids, and alter campaigns daily.

Marketing Shredding in the "Shelter-in-Place" EconomyHow Does Shredding Come Into Play

The good news is shredding services qualify as an essential service, and customers are still searching for solutions.

Vice President of Network Development at Shred Nations, Jennie Gift, said, “Demand is down, but there are still many companies looking to schedule purges and recurring service.” Additionally, she stated, “I’m advising our customers is reach out to us and see exactly what kind of requests are coming in their area.”

One of the challenges for shredders is there are more shredding requests coming from residential neighborhoods than ever before. Additionally, this makes sense because a significant amount of the workforce is working from home. With this in mind, companies know the same rules for privacy and protection, and they are dedicated to comply with the law.

Since no one knows how long “Shelter-In-Place” guidelines will be in effect, companies are advising their employees to shred their documents now instead of waiting till everyone is back in the office. In this case, there would be a huge spike in document shredding.

To make pickups cost effective, shredders should begin consolidating their pickups with pre-existing routes. Gift said, “Route efficiency is the way to make money in the shredding business.” Additionally. shredders should charge for same-day-shredding.

Marketing Shredding in the "Shelter-in-Place" EconomyUnderstanding Marketing Budgets

Given the circumstances, it’s understandable old ways of marketing may not work. Therefore, there are other ways to fine tune and adjust your marketing budgets. These include:

1. Change Your Objective

It’s important to understand what used to work may not work at the moment. Instead of pushing for conversions with your digital advertising spend, experts at Ad Parlor said it’s a logical step to switch to a brand awareness method. Addiotnally, this will help the business to remain visible and at the tops of customers’ minds.

2. Update Your Messaging

Additionally, experts advise creating an updated message. This lets customers know your company is up to date on safety protocols and understands the situation surrounding Covid-19.

3. Evaluate Digital Advertising Budgets

You don’t want to miss out on customers who are actively searching for shredding services. Given this, it may not be the best idea to shut down ad spend altogether. However, it’s important to know your company and how it will respond. Keep an eye on your digital budgets daily. In addition, it’s important to adjust your bids to make sure you are getting a return on your investment.

4. Get A Personal Report on the Shredding Demand in Your Area.

Rand LeMarinel, Marketing Director at Shred Nations, said, “I’m happy to talk to any shredder about how to survive – and thrive – in this new environment. Some of our customers are taking advantage of the situation. They are expanding their territories and adding a new line of service. When we emerge from the current environment, my guess is these are the companies who are going to thrive.”

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