Ship your materials off to be shredded.

There are two primary services used today for residential shredding services where providers come to you—mobile shredding and Ship ‘N’ Shred.

Although all residential shredding services offer the same convenience of having them come to you, there are also differences that can make one option more preferable than the other depending on factors like your location and how much you have to shred.

Learn more in this video or transcript below about using mobile shredding and Ship ‘N’ Shred for your residential shredding services, with details including the specifics on what each service is, its cost, how it works, and its benefits.

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What Are My Residential Shredding Options?

When it comes to residential shredding, there are two main services that are ideal for handling your home shredding—mobile shredding and Ship ‘N’ Shred.

While for both options a major perk is them coming to you, there are also some unique differences between the two services that can impact deciding which is best for you.

Residential Shredding: Services That Come to You

What Is Mobile Shredding?

With mobile shredding you’re able to watch as a shred truck equipped with an industrial-strength shredder comes to your curbside to shred at your location.

Ideal for larger shredding projects of 100+ lbs (or 3+ copy paper boxes), the cost of mobile shredding can range from $75–$250 based on different factors like your area or project size.

When you don’t have enough paper to justify a mobile shredding project, a common alternative is to organize a community shredding event where the cost can be divided up between attendees.

How Mobile Shredding Works

The mobile shredding process is simple and only takes a few steps:

  1. First you collect papers for shredding in the locking shred bins provided by the service provider.
  2. Once full, you then schedule a service date for the mobile shredder to arrive.
  3. When shredding time arrives, your bins are wheeled out and lifted up and into the shredder. Shred trucks are equipped with arms to lift the bins, meaning employees never touch your materials.
  4. After the shredding is complete you’re given a formal certificate of destruction which provides details including where, when, and who did the shredding.

Mobile Shredding’s Benefits

Besides the advantage of having a shredding service that comes to you, there are several other benefits of mobile shredding, including:

  • Secure – Although security is always a top priority for shredding service providers, a major advantage of mobile shredding is having the ability to watch the shredding process yourself.
  • Cost-Efficient – Mobile shredding helps save on costs in several ways. Besides saving time (time = money), with mobile services there’s a flat cost as opposed to services where the price scales with project size.
  • Legally Compliant – In addition to the security benefit of witnessed shredding, once the shredding is complete you’re also given a certificate of destruction which in the event of legal dispute can be used as proof of secure destruction.
  • Convenient – Shred trucks come to you with heavy-duty shredders that chew through massive amounts of paper in minutes, meaning you can spend less time worrying about shredding and more time focusing on work.

What Is Ship ‘N’ Shred?

Ship N Shred ServicesWith Ship ‘N’ Shred it works as a “you package it, we pick it up” type of service.

The boxed materials for shredding are picked up at your home and transported to a secure shredding facility, and in exchange you’re given a certificate of destruction containing details like where and when the shredding was done as well as the chain of custody for your documents while they were being transported and shredded.

Ideal for smaller projects of less than 100 lbs, Ship ‘N’ Shred is priced by the pound and runs around $30 for a 30 lb box.

How Ship ‘N’ Shred Works

Like mobile shredding, the Ship ‘N’ Shred process is simple and only requires you having to gather your materials for shredding while the provider does the rest.

  1. First You Box It – Start by initially collecting and packaging your materials in preparation for pickup.
  2. Next You Ship It – Once ready your Ship ‘N’ Shred provider comes to your location to pick up the boxes and transport them to a secure shredding facility.
  3. Last You Track It – As your shredding is transported you’re able to track your boxes and the shredding progress, and once the shredding is complete you’re provided with a certificate of destruction.

Ship ‘N’ Shred’s Benefits

In addition to the advantage of being a shredding service that comes to you, Ship ‘N’ Shred comes with other benefits like:

  • Security – Ship ‘N’ Shred offers several security benefits including the ability to track materials from pickup to pieces as well being provided with a certificate of destruction once the shredding is complete.
  • Cost-Efficiency – With Ship ‘N’ Shred the service is priced by the pound rather than being a flat fee, meaning you pay only for what you shred—no more, no less.
  • Convenience – The entire Ship ‘N’ Shred process can be done online. Services can be scheduled over the internet, and certificates of destruction can be emailed.

Need a Plan for Residential Shredding? Shred Nations Can Help

What is mobile shreddingFor residential shredding there are multiple options like mobile shredding or Ship ‘N’ Shred that come to you, but when it comes to deciding which is best it can depend on a range of factors.

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