The Best of Shred Nations Blogs in 2018

Throughout 2018 security initiatives (and failures) continued to make headlines. With Facebook bearing much of the brunt in the press, there has been a shift in how we expect companies to handle the sensitive and personal data they accumulate.

With companies increasingly coming under the spotlight and being held responsible for reckless data management, more precautionary actions must be taken.

Whether organiztions manage their information digitally or on paper, the consequences of a data breach are far greater today than they have ever been before.

At Shred Nations we strive to educated, promote, and enable safe document management to help companies reach their goals of increased workplace security. Below are the blog posts our readers found most helpful over the course of the year.

Recycling Paper ShredsRecycling Paper Shreds

As environmental concerns became a major political focus, consumers and workplaces began to take green efforts seriously. Two of our most popular blog posts centered around recycling your paper shreds.

Can You Put Shredded Paper in the Recycle Bin?

As the threat of climate change continues to threaten the globe, being eco-conscious is no longer a trend, but a necessity. When you shred your documents yourself you can’t recycle the shreds—but when you use a service provider the shreds can be baled and recycled.

What Happens to Paper After It’s Shredded?

What exactly happens to your documents after they are picked up and hauled off to be shredded? Feeding them through an industrial strength shredder effectively destroys your documents, but a thorough pulping and recycling after seals the deal.

The Cost of Shredding ServicesThe Cost of Shredding Services

Part of efficiently managing documents and sensitive information is doing it in as economical a way as possible. Three of our top blog posts of  2018 centered around how to choose the shredding service that best meet budget requirements.

Document Shredding Cost Comparison (Drop Off vs Mobile)

There are several ways to shred your documents, and different needs require different service levels. This blog post provides an in depth comparison of mobile shredding services and drop off shredding services, covering upfront and secondary costs.

Shredding Costs: Service by Service

Choosing the right shredding service can be a complex decision. This blog post covers mobile shredding, off site shredding, Ship N Shred, and drop off shredding services, going over considerations such as price points, volume, and location.

Best Shredding Service Based on Volume

Taking a needs based approach rather than a budget confined approach, this blog outlines the best shredding service options based on the size of your project. You can use this shredding calculator tool to get a better gauge of how much material you have to shred.

Secure Shredding Services in 2018Focusing on Security

The main reason to shred your documents is keep your information secure. Many of our best blogs center around security in general, whether it is via shredding, keeping the work space organized, or using ink roller stamps.

Medical Records Shredding Guidelines and Processes

Information security is key in the medical industry where various laws like HIPAA require strict compliance. This guide covers the record retention, storage, destruction, and proof of destruction to help you keep in compliance with major security requirements.

Chain of Custody: What It Is and Why It’s Important

The chain of custody is the trail detailing the moment when your documents left your possession to the moment they were destroyed. There are several means of keeping track of and securing documents on the move, this blog post goes into more details.

Are Ink Roller Stamps Secure?

Aside from shredding there are multiple ways to conceal private information contained in documents. Ink roller stamps have provided a simple way to black out private information for decades – but is this method foolproof?

Benefits of a Clean Desk Policy

Clean desk policies help employees reduce clutter, which means expired documents are eliminated and the risk of information loss is reduced. Learn about additional benefits of clean desk policies and find out how to implement one at your office.

Are There Holes in Your Security Strategy? (Breaches from Paper Files)

With cybersecurity dominating the headlines today, it is easy to forget about the risks of information kept on paper. Get tips on better managing your paper records so you can ensure your security strategy is air tight from all angles.

Reliable Paper Shredding Services in 2018

All About Shredding Services

Finding the right document shredding service for your needs can be complicated. These blogs compare different shredding service options and point out important features to look for when making a decision about which service best meets your needs.

How Shredder Rental Works

Need to rent a shredder for a few hours to purge your office of old records? Shredder rental services send a mobile shred truck equipped with an industrial strength shredder right to your location. With the capacity to hold thousands of pounds of paper, this service option is fast, convenient, and secure.

What Cross-Cut Shredding Is and Why It’s Better Than Strip-Cutters

Shredding can be completed using a variety of techniques and methods. Whether you are using a service provider or planning on purchasing your own shredder, learn about the different shredding methods before shredding your documents.

Shred All Policies: Their Advantages and How They’re Implemented

Shred all policies streamline the shredding process. Shredding every document rather than just the sensitive ones reduces the amount of decisions that need to be made, and reduces the risk of not shredding documents that need to be shredded.

Industrial vs Personal Shredders: Facts and Myths

Should you buy your own shredding machine or use a service provider who will shred your files for you? There are upsides to both options, but be sure to consider factors beyond upfront costs when making the decision.

What Is PII and Why Is Protecting It Important?

Take a deep dive into personal identifiable information and learn how to protect yours. How is this type of information at risk and what can you do to protect yourself? Find out the answer to these question in this blog post.

To help companies and individuals better manage their documents and their digital media, Shred Nations provides a variety of security solutions.

We partner with hundreds of independent security experts around North America, and we will help you find a solution for your home organization that keeps your private information safe and secure.

For free quotes on information security services in your area, call us at (800) 747-3365 or fill out form. We look forward to helping you keep your private information private.