Shred Nations Chicago secure mobile off site drop off shredding services

Shred Nations Chicago is a data destruction service, dedicated to providing reliable and affordable document shredding to customers throughout Chicago and its greater metropolitan area. We offer personalized services, with options ranging from one-time shredding purges all the way to regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly shredding.

As the largest city in Illinois and the third largest in all of the United States, Chicago is a bustling hub of national and international finance, commerce, technology and transportation.

Beside all of its business and the people who reside or visit this metropolis, there is also an overwhelming amount of documents and data that passes through the city of Chicago—meaning there is also a massive need for shredding and data destruction.

Whether you need quick and convenient mobile shredding to get your documents disposed so you can get on with your busy day, or instead you’re searching for a way to securely dispose of your old office electronics, Shred Nations Chicago has you covered!

Secure Shredding Services From Shred Nations Chicago

Chicago Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile shredding services  provide an opportunity to personally witness your documents being shredded without gathering your files and transporting them to a shredding facility. Instead a mobile shredding truck comes to your home or business, conveniently shredding your documents on site.

Offsite Shredding Services in Chicago

Offering the same convenience of coming to you, offsite shredding services send a shredding truck out to your Chicago home or business to collect your documents. Unlike mobile shredding however, offsite shredding services transport your documents to be securely shredded at an offsite shredding facility, making offsite the most cost-efficient option for shredding projects of a larger scale.

Chicago Electronic Media Destruction Services

When it comes time to retire old electronics like computers, fax machines, printers, and hard drives, it’s critical that owners take the proper steps to destroy their electronic media, as this is the only way to ensure that potential identity thieves are unable to recover and steal your sensitive information after disposal.

Relevant Shredding Laws and Regulations in Illinois

Illinois Personal Information Protection Act: According to this Illinois law, any data collector or entity which manages and stores the personally identifying information of an Illinois resident is required to notify all affected individuals in the event of their data being stolen or otherwise compromised by a data breach.

Illinois Data Security on State Computers Act: To best ensure the safety and security of sensitive information pertaining to the state of Illinois and its citizens, this law requires that all electronic equipment owned by the state of Illinois or any other authorized agency must have its hard drive overwritten and data destroyed prior to disposal by sale, donation, or transfer.

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With a nationwide network of shredding and document destruction service providers, we strive to offer unbeatable pricing combined with customized service options for each and every one of our customers, whether they are searching for quick and convenient mobile shredding, or safe and reliable electronic media destruction!

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