Retiring Old Office Equipment

Crushed Hard Drives

Although any kind of upgrade in life is exciting, replacing old and outdated office equipment is so much more than just simply upgrading to something better- it is a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. All sorts of confidential information can be stored on that equipment, including employee information, client information and bank account records. If not disposed of properly, the records on your IT could possibly lead to a data breach, leaving your business exposed to a public relations crisis, HIPAA violations, and reluctant clients.

Properly disposing of your retired office equipment is not a daunting task, it just needs special care by following a couple easy steps to destroy your hard drives and electronic media. There are a few different ways you could follow through safely, allowing you to choose which way you feel is best for you and your business.

This Office Equipment Disposal Policy from Lawyers Mutual provides a list of how-to’s, as well as some websites to check out for a plethora of options for your hard drive destruction. It explains how to wipe your data and why it matters so much.

Below are a few ideas summarized from the article above to help you choose which way to destroy your old office equipment in the best way for you.

Hard Drive Destruction Policy

Some companies that sell printers and copiers will include a hard drive destruction policy. Once you are finished with the products you were using, the company you bought them from will reclaim them and destroy them properly for you-but be sure that is part of the contract. Otherwise, you could be leaving your confidential records at risk.

For the DIY Lovers

Doing it yourself can’t always guarantee the proper destruction of your data, although it is doable. You can do it with a bludgeon or sledgehammer-anything that would physically destroy the hard drive. Although, it can be a safer route to hire professionals to do it for you, just to be sure that no step is overlooked and reassure that it was all destroyed properly.

Hire Professionals

If you don’t want yourself or an employee to take care of the hard drive destruction, hiring professionals can offer peace of mind. Most companies offer a certificate of destruction so that you can be reassured it was properly destroyed.

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