Why People Have Shred Events

Shred events are around to help make sure that people are able to shred their documents.  Making sure that we all destroy our records properly helps keep identity theft at bay and continues to show other people how important it truly is.  The main point of hosting a shred event is to ensure the people in your area that shredding can be done for free or for a small donation.  It is also a nice way Identityfor the company that is hosting the shred event to get some marketing out there.  If a company holds a shredding event in their area they are putting their name out there and showing their community that they value their security.  This helps keep people informed about their secure information as well.

When it comes to looking into finding a shred event in your area the best way to see if one is going on is to check your community newsletters.  Most of the time it will be done by a bigger company such as a bank, or a church for the people.  Typically a shred event doesn’t cost anything but they will accept small donations from all of the participants.  This is to help them pay for the mobile shredding truck.  There is no better way to protect yourself than to shred your secure documents and if someone in your area is hosting a shred event, that is the perfect time to help get rid of the documents that you have been keeping around the house.