Hosting a Shred Day
is a great way to reward your current clients and raise awareness of your brand in the community for your business. Several nonprofits and homeowners associations have also discovered the power of hosting a Shred Day in their communities as a fundraiser opportunity.

There are a few things that help to make any Shred Day a success. The first is to plan ahead. It is not something that can be done in a week or two with much success. Several shredders book their Shred Days months in advance. This time also allows you to focus on the most important part of the event – good marketing.

How to Market Your Shred Day

Making sure you let your community members know about your shredding event is key to its success. Posting signs around the neighborhood and gaining the attention of your local media including TV, radio, and the newspaper are just a few things you’ll want to do to get the word out.

Luckily, our Shred Nations team promotes your Shred Day for you! Our Shred Day partners receive free promotion for their event, along with personal consultation on how to best host the event. Sometimes, this includes figuring out how to raise money during the event.

Shred DayHow to Raise Money From Your Shredding Event

The best way to get the largest outcome for your work is to make your shredding event free but ask for donations. From our experience, if there is a set fee of a few dollars per box attendees will pay that rate but no more. If there is an optional donation, then generally attendees offer you more. All of this comes down to the success of how well you market your event!

Shred Nations has successfully helped raise enough money for organizations to pay off the fees of hosting a free shredding event. We’ve also helped raise food, clothing, and other items for their organization! Through our extensive promotional efforts, we guarantee attendees will come to your event to donate!

How Partnering With Shred Nations Works

  1. A Shredding Events specialist works with you on scheduling the best shredder in your area. We work with the shredder on organizing dates and times, so you don’t have to.
  2. You receive 1:1 consultation on how to best start, organize, and promote your shredding event. We are available to you any time during business hours up until the day of your event.
  3. A Shredding Events specialist works to promote your event by contacting your local media. You receive a free customized press release along with free graphics for promoting your event online and off – all made available to you for your disclosure.
  4. We bring the mobile shredding truck to your location for a few hours. Community members then bring a few boxes of personal documents to be shredded.
  5. You organize volunteers from your organization to take donations from those who attend. We will also work with you on determining how to best promote your organization to all your attendees.
  6. Our shredders shred everything in front of you before taking the shreds off to be recycled!


Click here for an in-depth how-to guide to hosting a shredding event in your area!


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