What Does Recycling Entail?

Saving nature conceptMost people know that recycling our old paperwork is important in order to protect our environment.  But why?  What exactly happens during the recycling process? Can it be helpful to our document destruction as well as helping our environment?

The recycling process is actually a very cool system, and it is extremely efficient in not only making our paper reusable, but also thoroughly destroying our secure documents.

When you send your paperwork into a recycling facility the first step is to have everything sorted out. Your paperwork is sorted in a way that distinguishes what paperwork can be salvaged vs paperwork that needs to be either destroyed permanently, or turned into something that can be less “fresh” or less “white” like newspaper.

Once everything is properly sorted one of the first steps is to throw your paperwork into a vat of chemicals that removes all of the ink from the paper itself. This is awesome because it completely destroys anything that was on your document before. You don’t have to worry about whether or not your documents are secure, because this process completely erases everything!  Once this is done, the paperwork is mashed up and turned into new paper!

The whole recycling process itself is extremely interesting, and it is very important to our environment.  Why throw paperwork away, when we can recycle it and save some trees at the same time?