Reasons to Recycle

Recycling should be everyone’s priority.  There are only so many resources that our Earth has, and if we continue to destroy everything, eventually we won’t have any resources left.  There may be fees Tree growing from an open book, alternative recycling conceptto have some of your things recycled (like when it comes to e-waste), and you may have to go out of your way to take your recyclables to a certain location.  In the long run, it is much better to take care of our planet and our fellow man than to destroy the resources that we so desperately need to survive.  Taking the time to make sure that you recycle anything and everything that can possibly be recycled should be something that we all take time out for.

Not only is recycling essential in keeping our environment protected, but it can also help you keep your secure information protected!  When you shred your paperwork and have it recycled versus throwing it away, you are actually taking extra precautions to ensure that your records are properly destroyed.  One of the first steps in the paper recycling process is to dump all paperwork into a vat of chemicals.  These chemicals actually separate the ink from the paperwork essentially erasing everything that was previously on the pages.  If that isn’t encouragement enough to make sure that you recycle your materials then I don’t know what is ;).